11 May 2011

{Tutorial: Wire Hangers} Sneak Peak of Ella's Nursery & Wall-Art w/Wire How-To!

I hope all you momma's out there had a fabulous Mother's Day this last weekend! This year, I got to celebrate my very FIRST Mother's Day! It was wonderful (we went to the ZOO)! About nine months ago, I gave birth to my daughter, Ella Vuittori. Its already been NINE months! I can't believe it - she's growing up so fast! Usually, people go through a "nesting" phase BEFORE their baby graces the world with its presence. But since I had virtually NO energy & since my parent-in-law's had visited from Norway & stayed IN the nursery for 3 weeks before Ella was born...the ONLY thing I had done in the nursery when Ella was born was had the room painted. I've been working on it ever since...and just this last week have put the "finishing" touches in it. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOW YOU!!

I also have a few SERIOUSLY CUTE "DIY's TUTORIALS" to put together so I can share with you all for your own nursery/kid decor!

Here's a sneak peak of ONE corner/wall of the nursery!

Ella's Nursery #1

How cute is it!? Okay- so the tissue-paper pom-poms were from the baby shower the ladies from my church threw for me! How adorable are they!? I took a whole box home with me - & used them in EACH corner of the nursery! The colors were PERFECT...they're oh so pretty & the PERFECT accessory for Ella's "little nest"! Martha Stewart has an AWESOME DIY Tutorial on how to make the Pom-Poms...you can find it HERE.

NOW....for the WALL "ART"....

I had this vision in my head since I started dreaming about Ella's nursery. I had a few of my very favorite outfits that I really wanted to "display" - especially since Ella only got to wear a them a few times! I looked EVERYWHERE for hangers like I saw in my head and couldn't find them anywhere! I thought that if I used the pink hangers I have in Ella's closet - they'd take away from the outfits. Just wanted them to be SIMPLE. So...what did I do? Figured out how to make my own... AND it worked PERFECTLY! :-) SEE BELOW for the TUTORIAL!

<Nursery Wall Art #1

I hung the hangers on small glass knobs I picked up at the hardware store ($4 each).

Pink Birdy on Wire Hanger

Here it goes! They are SO easy!


{Step 1} Collect supplies. You'll need:

~ a baby-sized hanger

~ pliers (I included a picture of wire cutters- but since the pliers should have a place to cut wire on it - you won't need the wire cutters.) :-)

~ 5 or so regular sized clothespins

~ 16 gauge wire (you will need about 40"-42" for each hanger)


{Step 2} Cut wire about 42" long. Then, using your fingers "mold" the wire to make a hook shape. Basically - so it matches the hanger you are using for a template. Using a clothespin - pin it to the hanger, alligning the hooks. Then, take the wire and shape it so it matches the "neck" of the hanger and pin again with another clothespin. Take the rest of the wire and shape it all the way around the hanger - molding it into the same shape as the hanger - pinning it as you go to hold the wire in place.


{Step 3} Take the end of the wire and bend it behind both the wire that is pinned to the hanger & the hanger.


{Step 4} Remove all clothespins, so you detach the wire hanger shape from the actual hanger. It should keep its shape. Then you are going to take the end of the wire & wrap it back around the "neck" of the new wire hanger using your pliers. Keep wrapping the wire around the neck...keep it tight as you go. Wrap it about 8 times (or until you think it looks good).


{Step 5} Once you've wrapped the wire around the neck until you think it looks good - use wire cutters/or pliers to cut the end. (I made sure I cut it so the end of it was on the side I wasn't going to see - just looks cleaner). THEN, using your fingers - reshape the wire hanger if needed. (It may end up looking a little funky...but I just be patient and I promise you it will end up looking like a real hanger with a little TLC!)

AND...you're done! I used MINI clothespins to attach the outfits to the hangers...worked like a charm!

Nursery Wall Art #2

Ella's Nursery #2

This is a super cheap idea for wall art in your nursery! I bought 200 feet of wire for $6 (you can buy less) + $4 each knob + clothespins (already had) + clothes (already had) = $22. Not bad if you ask me for ADORABLE WALL ART!

If you think this looks TOO hard...or you don't think you have the time...& would rather just BUY hangers...I actually just posted some in my ETSY shop --> HERE!

Hand-Crafted Wire Hangers

You can purchase mini clothespins for cheap at any craft store ~ but just in case its easier...I also listed some natural & shabby chic painted ones in my Etsy shop --> HERE!

Shabby Chic Painted Clothespins

As always ~ I love to hear when my readers try out my tutorials! I'd love to see pictures if you end up trying this as adorably cute nursery wall decor! OH and be sure to check back or add me to your RSS feed for my upcoming posts for the rest of the nursery photos & DIY's! :-)

love, naz

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  1. WOW Naz! I love it!! You know i would just buy the hangers from you, great idea!



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