22 April 2011

{Tutorial} EASTER Oreo Pop Place Setting in Candy Cup Nests!

I'm so excited to share with you this tutorial on these adorable Easter Oreo pop place-setting/place cards in a cute chocolate/candy cup NEST! These are going to look so cute on my Easter table this year! AND they are not only cute place-cards but can DOUBLE as the dessert TOO!

Easter Oreo Dipped Pops in Chocolate Candy Cup Nest












For tutorial on how to make the Chocolate/Candy cup go HERE.

Isn't this just the cutest little basket you've ever seen? :-) AND its all edible!!


So cute! I'll be sure to take pics of my Easter table to show you after its all set up! :-)

Easter Oreo Dipped Pops in Chocolate Candy Cup Nest

{Tips & Tricks}

- Again - if you need directions on how to make the chocolate/candy cups go HERE.

- For ten Oreo pops, I needed 2 bags of the white candy melts.

- To write the names and to fill the paper cups, I needed 2 more bags of the PINK candy melts.

- For ten candy/chocolate cups, I needed about 2 1/2 bags of the BLUE candy melts.

- For the candy names, I wrote each name two or three times - that way, in case one broke - or didn't look good - I had another one to use!

- Make sure the names are COLD when you take them off the wax paper - that way they are less breakable.

- The reason I put the melted candy melts INSIDE the oreo - was because when I tried to just stick the stick in the middle of the oreo - it broke - EVERY time. This way - you have "glue" to hold everything together - even if it does break!

- If you need more of an explanation (& pics) on how to write the names with the candy melts - go HERE & scroll to the pictures so you can see how to do it.

I'd LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see if you try this yourself! You can send pictures to me to: nazknutsen@gmail.com.

Happy ALMOST Easter!

love, naz


  1. Your creativity blows my mind...so does your candy/sugar obsession! Love you!

    ~ Your bff in nyc

  2. Haha! Thanks, Sar! One of these days - you'll have to come experience my creativity and spend a holiday with me! :-) MISS u!!!

  3. Naz so cute! What is the blue cup made out of? Did u make or buy? Are u going to post a photo of the table when u r soppdone decorating it? Xoxo

  4. Sascha - the BLUE CANDY CUP is made from candy melts too! The TUTORIAL on how to make them is HERE: http://makeitbakeitcreateit.blogspot.com/2010/02/valentines-day-dessertoh-so-sweet.html

    AND OF COURSE I'll have to post a pic of our Easter Table! :-)

  5. Love it.. very original... if you want a thinner chocolate just add 2 tsp of vegetable shortening per 2 cups of chocolate just shortening will work nothing else....

  6. Thanks, Anonymous for the tip! I'm totally going to try that! :-)



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