14 April 2011

{Tablescape} Stella & Dot "Sweet 'n Salty" Launch Party/Dessert Table!

Stella & Dot Sweet n Salty Dessert Table #2

I am SO thrilled to finally share with you all the Stella & Dot SWEET & SALTY Dessert Table that I helped my friend, Jenny Brien, with! First of all ~ if you don't know what STELLA & DOT is...you need to get with it! Okay...just kidding. :-) BUT - just so you know it is a company that sells GORGEOUS jewelry through independent stylists who do in-home, in-office trunk parties!

I was seriously flattered when Jenny asked me to help - being that she, herself, is AMAZING at everything she puts her hands to (baking, cooking, creating, crafting, party-ing, etc!) I was flattered AND excited to work alongside her! She gave me full reign on what the table was going to look like: the colors, decorations, desserts, etc. So ~ I started with the primary colors of Stella & Dot: Aqua & Bright Pink! I remembered seeing a table cloth idea that I LOVED (HERE) from Bird's Party Blog - that would work PERFECTLY into our theme. PLUS - I had seen a bed sheet at Wal-Mart in the exact color for only $8 that I could use for it!!
NEXT: I looked in my cupboards...what else did I have that I could use for this table? I wanted to include the "DOT" theme into my serving dishes for the table and figured that my WHITE everyday dinner plates would work perfectly. I also had other silver serving pieces that had cute "dot" detailing - which is how I came up with the white & silver mix of serving items. BESIDES - I figured that the SILVER was kind of "jewelry-ish". Every SILVER piece that was on the dessert table (except for the square trays that were Jenny's) I had - (& almost all of it, I found at GOODWILL!). I just set the dishes on top of the silver vases, ice-bucket, candle-holders...etc to create different heights. It turned out AWESOME!

Stella & Dot Sweet n Salty Dessert Table #3

NEXT: I wanted our desserts to have some what of a theme. Instead of a bunch of random items...I thought we could do stuff that had "salt" incorporated in it somehow - OR that would be a good combo with it. Jenny & I brain-stormed & our menu was created:

Mixed Candied Nuts (from Trader Joe's)

Caramel 'n Chocolate Drizzled Donuts (made by Jenny)

Salted Caramels (made by Jenny)

Chocolate Covered Pringles (made by me ~ How-To HERE)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes (made by Jenny)

Best Caramel Corn Ever (made by Jenny)

Turtle Brownies (made by Jenny)

Chocolate Pudding Cups (made by Jenny)

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels (made by me ~ How-To HERE)

Chocolate & White Chocolate Covered Raisins (made by me)

Chocolate Covered Toffee w/ Pistachios (from Trader Joe's)


Best Caramel Corn Ever! (W/Snickers)

Chocolate Covered Raisins

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes #2

Salted Caramels

Chocolate Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes #3

Chocolate Dipped Pringles

Most of this stuff can either be bought ready made or made from a box if you wanted to make this "Sweet 'n Salty" theme SUPER easy!

NEXT: Jenny already had the AWESOME branches in a vase tha she had previously used for a baby shower - which I decided to use as our center piece to hold the fabric ornaments that I made. Aren't they beautiful? AND perfect? Check out the tutorial HERE. I saw the idea for cupcake toppers on a featured party on Hostess with the Mostess & thought they'd look GREAT made bigger & hung from the branches! They are a little time-consuming but worth it!

Flower Balls/Ornaments

The dessert name tags I hand-made from just printing off the names of desserts on white cardstock (separated enough to cut them out into squares), then I corner punched the corners & used double-sided sticky foam squares to attach them to the pink cardstock. I like the look of good-ol' handmade name tags. :-)

Pistachio & Chocolate Toffee

Stella & Dot Sweet n Salty Dessert Table #4

Last but not least...take another look at the above picture...anything out of ordinary that you wouldn't normally find on a dessert table? How about an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS necklace? Seriously - how perfect is this centered in the middle of the table? It looks like we planned the entire table around it! :-) It is just stunning....

Stella & Dot Necklace Centerpiece

To sum it all up - our table came together beautifully! Jenny & I made a great team - me doing the table and her whipping up almost all the desserts! AND seriously - this couldn't have been put together more "resourcefully". Other than the food (which is always almost the biggest expense), the only other items we bought were the table cloth (bed sheet for $8), 1 yard of pink fabric, & a couple pink sheets of card-stock. Everything else we had in our linen cupboards, kitchen cabinets, in our living rooms, in a closet, or in our craft room!

Stella & Dot Sweet n Salty Dessert Table #1

Stella & Dot Sweet n Salty Dessert Table #2

I have to give a BIG shout out/THANK YOU to Jenny's husband, Ryan, for editing all the photos for me! (I still owe him a Starbucks card for this!) :-)


Gorgeous Necklace-Center-Piece {Stylist Jenny Brien Knight via Stella & Dot}

Fabric Ornament Inspiration & DIY {Paiges of Style}

Table Cloth Inspiration {Bird's Party Blog}

Aqua Tablecloth {Wal-Mart- in store}

White Plates used for Dessert Stands {World Market}

Silver Pieces used for Pedestals {Goodwill - in store}

{GUESS WHAT?? This Stella & Dot Dessert Table was featured on Hostess with the Mostess! Want to see the feature? Go HERE! How exciting!! }

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of inspriation!


love, naz

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