04 March 2011

{Recipe} Reese's Brownies - OH YUM.

This recipe is SOOO easy and pretty self explanatory! I don't think you can go WRONG using any kind of boxed brownies...but I have to say that my favorite is DUNCAN HINES boxed brownies. They're usually cheaper than Ghirardelli - but just a TAD bit better, in my opinion. But hello, Ghirardelli, is GHIRARDELLI, which is super yummy too.

To insert the Reese's (you'll need 3 packages of two for a 9x9" pan) - just make the boxed brownies per directions on box. Poor batter into a pam'd pan, level out. Then, press each Reese's cup into the top of the batter like this....
Bake as directed on box!

Add icecream, Hershey's syrup and anything else your heart desires!


Love, naz

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