09 February 2011

{Personal} Ella Baby ~ 5 Months!

I've been working on so many crafty things to share with you all - but for some reason - I can't seem to get any of my projects finished! Something always comes up. But that's okay ~ I'm determined to let go of any self-inflicted pressure that I've felt to keep my blog consistent with new postings (which I've been terrible at). It'll happen one day...but right now, I'm just too busy taking care of my little cupcake...I mean - how can I resist this sweet face? So, forgive me for not posting regularly. :-) You understand... We are so, so lucky to have so many AMAZING photographers in our lives! These gorgeous photos of Ella were taking by our friend, Matt Sumi, while we were visiting Ronny's parents in Norway. Matt came and stayed with us for a week and he happened to snap these pictures during an impromptu photo sesh that happened on the kitchen floor. I think being able to capture those moments are so special. Unplanned, yet truly genuine. Thanks, Matt!




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