02 December 2010

{Tablescape} My Thanksgiving Table: the Resourcefully Chic Way!

So, I by no means want to proclaim this as "tablescape" of the year or anything. I know this isn't even close to perhaps what "Hostess with the Mostess" would come up with ~ but I can't be too disappointed with what I came with spending virtually: ZERO dollars. Two days before Thanksgiving, I got snowed in - and I couldn't drive anywhere. So - that left me with thinking: WHAT DO I HAVE ALREADY that I can use to decorate the table with? (This is the resourcefully chic way of thinking - which I'm not going to lie - I think I have down pat from years of experience under my belt). :)

IT all started with a BAG OF RAFFIA (is that how its spelled?). You know crinkled shredded paper that you put into gift bags? Well- I first had the idea to use a strand of it to tie the silverware together. If you do it nice and slow - it doesn't tear. (I didn't have any brown or orange ribbon on hand). I wrapped it several times around the silverware then tied the ends together on top. It actually worked great, looked neat, and matched the rest of what I decided to do.

Next, I decided to go through my random paper that I had in my craft room. You can use paper for anything really on a tablescape! The only paper that had orange in it that I had enough of was this paper (shown in pic below). It was simple and pretty. I know that orange and light blue aren't your typical Thanksgiving colors ~ but hey ~ why not? So - here's what I did:
1) Printed off names for each name card on white card stock
2) Used a punch to stamp out the design on the corners of the name cards
3) Cut the orange and blue paper to size for each name tag/napkin width
4) Attached the name card onto the background paper using double sided/sticky foam squares to make it look raised
5) Using a small hole punch, I punched a hole in each corner of the background paper
6) Used one string of raffia and starting on the upper right hand corner hole, I threaded it through the front to the back.
7) Then I pulled about 3/4 of it through and threaded the same string of raffia from the back to the front of the upper left hand corner hole (sorry - I should have taken a pic of this)
8) I put the paper on the front of the napkin then turned the whole thing over and tied the two ends of the raffia around the napkin. Not too tight - just so it was snug around the napkin (You could use ribbon in place of the raffia if you don't have any!)
9) Repeated same thing for the 2nd strand of raffia through the bottom holes

After putting the napkins on my white plates - it just wasn't right - I needed something that didn't wash out the napkins into the plate (since both were white). So...what did I have that I could use that matched the setting so far? Paper bags - yep - paper bags from the grocery store. I got a small plate that fit the size of the inset of my dinner plate to use as my template and just traced it onto the grocery bag - enough for each of my settings. Then I used a pair of scalloped scissors to cut out each of the circles - then just placed them on the dinner plates under the napkins. I think it looks cute!
Next: For the middle of the table, I used an orange candle pillar, a couple of blue mercury glass votive holders, a white tray, and the rest of the raffia. Under the tray - I used an orange and white polka-dot kitchen towel as the "table runner".

While I was doing everything else, I realized that I had two light-blue ROSANNA cake stands that matched the background paper of the name tag/napkin holders. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them - but thought I should definitely use them. I hadn't bought any pumpkins yet (shock!) so I called my sis to see if I could use the ones she had to decorate her house with. (Of course she said, yes). :-) Here's what it looked like:

And it all started with this: a bag of brown raffia. :-)

OH and I can't forget: can you guess what the table cloth is? Its an old brown corduroy curtain (I used this for last year's Thanksgiving tablescape too). :-) It didn't completely fit the table - (It was about two inches short - but I don't think anyone noticed). :-)
I hope you're inspired now for when you design your next tablescape! Perhaps Christmas?

To sum up what you can take from this posting:
1) Setting the table doesn't have to be expensive if you USE WHAT YOU HAVE!
2) Think outside the box - you can use sheets, curtains, kitchen towels, paper, old gift bags, colored shredded paper, candle holders etc, etc. for your tablescape!
3) Just take everything out that you have in the color scheme you are going for and see what you can use! You'll be surprised at what you can come up with!
4) BORROW, BORROW, BORROW - do you have a family member or a friend you could borrower a display piece from? As long as you get it back to them in a timely manner - I don't think they'd mind!

I'd love to hear any of your "resourcefully chic" ideas on setting a table! Do you have a good idea you'd like to share? Feel free to leave me comments so others reading this can see too! :-)
Thanks for stopping by!
Luv, naz


  1. Naz: I love how your brain works! The table looks beautiful! I especially like how you did the name tags on the napkins and how you decorated the napkins! I know it looked more fabulous in person :-)

  2. Thanks, Sasch! I'm sad you guys couldn't be here to celebrate it with us! :( I know you would have been a LOT less stressed - OH and you would have been impressed that we actually ate on TIME! :-)



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