17 November 2010

{Announcement} Winner for Holiday Card designed {by Caskey Design}

Announcments! Announcements!
Winner for Giveaway for a Holiday Card designed by Caskey Design is.....
Comment #11 ~ Juli G. from Knoxville, TN!!!

She says: "Love the tree in Horizontal D!!! SO CUTE!!!" Congratulations, Juli!

Please email me {OliverRue@Gmail.com}
so I can email you the info on how to get your HOLIDAY CARD!!

Thanks again, Caskey Design, for this awesome GIVEAWAY!

caskey design I graphic design I 425.750.4394
{web} caskeydesign.com
{design work} caskeydesign.tumblr.com
{illustration} jctoo.tumblr.com

Oh boy...that was fun! I want to do that again soon! :-) Happy Wednesday to everyone!
P.S. I've been working on a few things to hopefully, share with you - so check back in soon!
Love, naz

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