07 July 2010

{Recipe} Whole Wheat Banana Pancake Recipe! I Dare You to Try Them - They're SOOOOO GOOD!

These pancakes take NO time to whip up - especially if you use boxed pancakes to start out with. Krusteaz isn't the healthiest choice when it comes to whole wheat pancakes - but its what my grocery store had at the moment. :-) I'm sure you could find boxed whole wheat pancake mix that was slightly healthier if you wanted! Here are the ingredients I used:

First off, you're going to make the pancake mix as directed on whatever box of pancake mix you use. Mine only called for water. One thing to remember when making pancakes is DO NOT OVER MIX!! You'll make the pancakes rubbery that way! So...when you mix everything - mix in the NUTMEG and CINNAMON too at the same time and ONLY mix it until everything is wet - its okay if its still a little lumpy!

I use a teaspoon to a teaspoon and half of BOTH per 7-8 pancakes (or you can always use more if you want!)

GRATE the bananas with cheese grater - use 1 1/2 bananas per 7-8 pancakes. This is a little messy - but worth it! Then mix into pancake mixture - but only until they are all evenly mixed.

EASY way to drop pancakes onto your skillet: Use an ice cream scoop! Mine is just the right size to make perfectly sized/rounded pancakes!

I eat my pancakes with agave syrup and they taste amazing!!!!!! Just make sure you serve yours HOT...I think they're way better that way! :-)

Yummy variation #2: Add SOME CHOCOLATE CHIPS!! Hello - the best banana chocolate chip pancakes you'll have ever tasted! You'd be surprised that the cinnamon and nutmeg don't taste weird with the chocolate. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream on top and you're good to go! I promise these will be your new favorite breakfast meal! :-)
Happy SUMMER by the way!!


  1. Best pancakes ever!!! No joke!! I had them once and had to request my sister to make them again for me, and I was only home for a few days!!

  2. Thanks, Dave!! :-) I think I've made them twice so far since you left! :-) SO GOOD! :-)

  3. I also use boxed pancake mix when I'm really in a rush, pancakes are part of our morning rituals. And with four kids (including 6-year old twin boys, and girls, 9 and 3), and a hubby, I'd definitely go with the easy pancake recipes. I'd definitely give this a go, they love bananas so I'm quite positive they'll all give it a thumbs up, lol!
    Thanks for sharing this one!



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