22 June 2010


A couple weekends ago, my sister's and mom threw me my baby shower! Words can't express how special I felt that day...! Other than the fact that I don't think I've ever felt so special in all my life! They went so ABOVE and BEYOND anything I could have ever imagined! They've been working for MONTHS to prepare this special day for me...and it shows in every single detail of every single special thing they thought of for my shower. I wish that I could post pics of absolutely EVERYTHING they did...but know these pictures reflect only a very SMALL GLIMPSE of all that they did and thought of! My sister's would actually like to claim that I am the only one that got the "creative gene" in my family...but I think this party speaks loud and clear for itself! :-) Now they can't use that as an excuse anymore - haha!

Starting with the invitations...my sister's had this custom designed just for me!
Designed by: Robin Reed Design on Etsy. Isn't it beautiful?

Starting from the moment I walked in the door (which had a cute little sign on it that said, "Welcome, to Ella's Nest"....everything was just breathtaking! TONS of white tissue paper pom-poms were hung up from the ceiling and three gigantic PINK tissue paper pom-poms where hung above the dessert table (above the pink balloons shown below). I have to admit it was hard to contain myself....I was SOOOO overwhelmed that I couldn't help but get all teared up!

Just look at this gorgeous table!!

The cupcakes and cupcake cookies below were made by Jenny Keller from JENNY COOKIES. I've mentioned her quite a few times on my blog before...she's just so darn AMAZING at what she does! How PERFECTLY cute are they??

All the cupcake pops and truffles were made by my sister's, Naomi & Kennedi. They got their recipes off of BAKERELLA....how SWEET and ADORABLE are they? They were JUST AS GOOD as they looked -if not BETTER! They made cheesecake, oreo, nutter-butter, and cake ones...HELLO SCRUMPTIOUS! OH and Jenny also made amazingly cute cupcake truffles and PINK rice krispie squares! Also on the dessert table were scrumptious BROWNIES made by my friend Christie Kurtz and melt-in-your-mouth raspberry filled cupcakes made by my other friend, Jenny Brien! My sisters also had Christie make CUSTOM made Amy Butler fabric NAPKINS just for the shower! How do you thank so many amazing people for making something so special and memorable?? I haven't figured that just out yet.... :-)

My sisters thought of everything...they had PRETTY PINK FLOWERS and ROSES in cute little vintage bottles and glass cups everywhere....not to mention they decorated with the PRETTIEST Amy Butler paper - which you can kind of see in the pic below!

If you know me or my family...you can't ever have enough SWEETS on hand...so they had another little CANDY display with the funnest, prettiest, PINK candies in vintage jars all lined up in a row with colorful SWIRLY lollipops on the ends!

If you look super close at the pics above with the sweets table...you'll see the PRETTIEST, most creative LABELS displaying what all the sweets are! NOW...check out these WATER BOTTLES!! HELLO!! The front of the waters say, "there's something in the water" ~ and then check out what they say on the back...below...seriously- have you seen anything SO CUTE??

My SUPER CREATIVELY gifted friend, JESS CASKEY, a CRAZY AMAZING graphic designer, made these up! Can you believe it!!?? She made all the other AMAZINGLY cute labels for everything else! How pretty are they?!
*****ALL the BEAUTIFUL pics above were taken by the BETHANY OLSON. She's not only an amazing professional photographer...but a good friend who is one of the most beautiful people I know inside and out!

I had to share another one of my favorite photos with you....
**This was taken by JENNY KELLER (yes she's not only amazing at cookies and cupcakes but yes...she's a professionial photographer as well!).
BOTH BETHANY and JENNY share other pics of my shower on their websites too...so you can check theirs out for MORE BEAUTIFUL PICS!! Just click on their names to take you to them!
*PLEASE NOTE ~ If you go to Jenny's pics - the "SWEET BABY GIRL" banner and the custom designed baby onsies hanging in the window were made by my SUPER CREATIVE niece, HAYLEY HALL. You're one of the sweetest persons I know, Hayley!
To EVERYONE who helped out in one way or another...to all my guests who came and celebrated Ella-to-be with me...and to my mom and sister, Sasch, who helped with the cost, and last but not least to my two sisters, Kennedi and Naomi who put 150% of their LOVE into planning and throwing the most BEAUTIFUL baby shower EVER....
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!! Seriously...no words could possible describe or contain all that I felt that day! I love you all!!
Luv, naz


  1. That is definitely the most amazing baby shower I have ever seen! So beautiful!

  2. so sweet naz! we LOVED every minute of planning it!!!! you deserve it all and so much more!!!!!

  3. I love what you have done... I am planning my sisters shower now and this is amazing!



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