04 June 2010


Okay, so I do know that it is National Donut Day today...so Happy Donut Day! I will have to celebrate today by endulging in some of my fave blogs that celebrate today with some sweet inspirations all about donuts. :-) Lolliblog is the first one I'll be starting with...I promise your mouth will water scrolling through the cute and tasty pictures of DONUTS in their posting today! So...go celebrate!! Oh but wait....first, you'll have to stay and check out the recipe on my own blog today! I promise you won't regret it! :-)

One of my favorite blogs to get AMAZING recipes from is Sweet Annas Cuddles & Comfort Foods. I've tried a handful of Sweet Anna's (Annalise's) recipes so far - and each one has turned out G-R-E-A-T! She has recipes from crock-pot ideas to baked goods to anything else that will make your mouth water! You'll definitely have to put this blog on your "regularly visited blogs" list! Annalise is not only a blogging buddy of mine...but my husband Ronny grew up around her family and her parents go to the same church we go to today. :-) Thanks to Annalise for all your amazing recipes! :-) I know both Ronny and I's tummies are happier because of them...haha! :-)

One recipe I just tried yesterday is Annalise's "MONSTER COOKIE RECIPE". HOLY GOODNESS is what comes to mind when I endulged in a taste of one or two or okay I admit, I've lost count of the cookies I've eaten since I've made these! :-) Annalise told me that this recipe is actually a family recipe from her grandmother on her mom's side. How SWEET is that? These are made using just about everything BUT FLOUR. Yes- did you get that? NO FLOUR!! I couldn't believe it when I took my first bite of them!! Just make sure you have plenty of OATS on hand though...this recipe calls for NINE CUPS!! Throw a little peanut butter, eggs, coconut, m&m's, chocolate chips, etc...and wallah - MONSTER COOKIES!! Luckily for me...Ronny had just made a trip to Costco where he bought a HUGE BOX of Quaker Oats! (I think I used at least half of it in this recipe...haha!) I also don't love coconut which this recipe calls for...but since only a cup is used...I can hardly taste the coconut in them! I think it adds some good texture to the cookies too- so definitely try them first WITH coconut even if you're not a fan of it. :-) I promise...you'll be saying "HOLY GOODNESS" as well when you take your first bite of them!

CLICK HERE for the BIG BATCH recipe!!

and OH WAIT! You can CLICK HERE for a SMALLER BATCH recipe too!



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  1. I love Monster Cookies too! Can't remember where I got my recipe from a couple of years ago...I was going to make m&m cookies for my boy's soccer team celebration this afternoon (they won all their matches this year!) but you've made me change my mind. Those boys can be monsters off the field (I teach some of them English and they are so rowdy!) but on the field they're pretty awesome!

    PS I LOVE coconut!



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