29 April 2010

{Room Makeover} Spring Cleaning: OFFICE STYLE!! (Resourcefully Chic Ways to Organize & Cute-i-fy Your Office!)

So, I know that SUMMER feels like its right around the corner...but since we're still technically in SPRING...I'm sure some of you are thinking about doing some Spring cleaning ~ or at least organizing! So, I thought I'd share with you my office that I've organized and cute-i-fied ~ all to be able to make the most out of my CREATIVE space. Hopefully, this post will give you some "resourcefully chic" ideas on how to re-do your office without spending a lot of money and inspire you a bit!

Here is my "before" pic. We were using this room as a guest bedroom until I decided it was time to me make some space for my CREATIVITY. (Also the fact that my husband didn't appreciate my using the dining room as a temporary "sewing" room- helped make the decision easier too). :-) *NOTE the BROWN IKEA shelf and the pre-covered chair.
Here are the "afters":

My Inspiration Wall (as shown in pic below): Magazine pages showing DIY projects, fashion, home decor, paint samples, and fabric samples etc all help me to get my inspiration flowing! :-) Scroll below on the "HOW TO" make your own! Oh and of course I have my ironing board always set up...from sewing to being particularly anal about my pillow cases, sheets, and some of my towels being ironed (ahem- I can't believe I just admitted this to the world)...I use this baby all the time! *Note the cute blue damask cover on it - scroll below on where to find one like it!

Now for the IDEAS:

So, I had two of the brown IKEA shelves (as seen in the pic above) and decided to paint them both white on the outside and pink on the backs of the insides of the shelves. I will admit this was a pretty tedious project...but the outcome definitely was worth it! I used white paint I already had on hand and just bought a quart of the pink...which was only about $11. I still have some left...hmmm...maybe I could use for the nursery? :-)

NOTE in PIC below:
1). The box at the very top of the picture is an old Juicy gift box. I keep all my serger thread in it - and it keeps it so perfect! AND its cute!
2) The glass container I have my ribbon in is actually a serving/display bowl! I just happened to have it on hand. If I need to use it - I just take the ribbon out and put it back when I'm done! You can find the same one at Walmart for cheap...or a similar one at Goodwill for even cheaper!
3). Cute colorful books (all bought at Goodwill for like a $1 a piece) all make for a cute shelf display. Goodwill has a mass array of books that are GREAT for shelves, coffee tables, etc - all for CHEAP. (Just make sure you smell them first - some of them have that old musty attic smell that never goes away). :-)

NOTE in PIC below:
1). I tiered a couple of my giant stacks of paper, another Juicy gift box (keeps all my small scraps of of paper I'll eventually use), another cute silver gift box and a cute ring box. Use what you have around the house of things you like already to decorate your shelves!
2). I have no idea where I picked up this Tiffany gift bag...as I would know if I had anything from Tiffany's! But - doesn't it just flow so perfectly with the rest of the shelf stuff? I used old gift/store bags to hold my crafty things in from yarn, paper, feathers, etc...they are so useful AND they are usually FREE with purchase or GIFT! :-)
3). Another gift box with a cute pink bow (thanks Em!) takes the place in the bottom shelf on top of some of my favorite magazines issues. GIFT boxes are so USEFUL AND CUTE!

NOTE in PIC below:
1). A pretty silver bowl/serving dish holds some more of my serger thread on top of shelf. - I don't mind that you can see them...as the colors seem to flow well with the rest of my room. :-)
2). The next shelf holds a brown box which I hot-glued a ribbon around. The box was the bottom of a box I bought legal sized manilla folders in. You wouldn't think it'd be useful for something else - but I use it to store more of my inspiration rip-outs of magazines!
3). Different sizes and shapes of glass jars, glass drinking cups, CUTE mugs, and an old paint can are so useful to hold small office and craft supplies such as tacks, pencils, scissors, buttons, binder clips, paper clips, paint brushes, beads, etc. These are all items I had on hand as well! (Old food jars that are shaped differently/cute are great items to re-use!)

NOTE in PIC below:
1). More gift bags are used to organize more of my stuff! Paint samples & chips and old paper- I reuse to make stuff with are an easy find when all I have to do is go to my shelf! :-)
2). More COLORED Goodwill book finds brighten up my shelves!
3). On the bottom shelf...I know you can't see it very well - but a sequinned plant holder holds feathers used for different crafts. I picked this up on sale for a couple dollars at the grocery store after Christmas. I have two of them and use them for ALL kinds of things!

NOTE in PIC below: I went to New York last year to visit my friend, Sarah, and we went to Serendipity 3! It was one of my favorite memories while I was there! She thought I was crazy for buying 3 kinds of desserts - but I couldn't help myself! I bought some of their FAMOUS frozen hot chocolate to take home with me too...and this is the bag they gave me. I couldn't help but re-use this adorable bag for SOMETHING. It now holds all my sewing toss-outs (threads, scraps of fabric, etc). Who needs a boring old trash can when you can hold your trash in something so cute?
NOTE in PIC below: This is a magnetic board that I originally bought from IKEA for $10. I covered it with fabric and it looks way cuter than the original plain white board. I edged the sides of the board with cute ribbon the same width using hot glue and it worked perfect to hold some of my pics! Oh and as you can see in some of them - yes - I was a blonde for a long time before I went brown! I think the temptation for going back blonde is coming back slowly! :-)

NOTE in PIC below: Okay - so I know this isn't the "cutest" pic...but I wanted to share with you what I use for INSIDE my closet to organize my stuff. I have multiple shoe boxes that I use to keep my stuff organized in as well as multiple SHOPPING bags that are so useful - hung up in a row with hangers. In one bag - I have old tissue paper, envelopes, and cardboard I re-use to ship stuff with. In the next bag - I have all my "TO SHRED" items in. Next bag holds all different sizes of shopping bags I re-use for everything. The last bag I have shredded tissue, magazines, etc to use for packaging my ETSY items I sell. This is a great way to use the space in a hanging closet...with out having to put in more shelves!!

Last but not least...here's how I made my "INSPIRATION WALL":

I used: 4 Drawer Knobs, 4 Dry Wall Anchors (if you're not drilling into a stud), Wire (you can find at any hardware store).

I just drilled FOUR holes into my wall (where I wanted the ends of the LINES to be) - hammered in the dry wall anchors then screwed in the drawer knobs. I then strung the wire from drawer knob across to other drawer knob. I went once around the knob and then secured the wire by twisting it around the wire that went across to other knob. (I hope this makes sense).

I used small silver binder clips and other large colored binder clips to hold my "inspirations". Target or Michael's have even cute binder clips with patterns and stripes on them! :-)

This is a great "RESOURCEFULLY CHIC" EASY idea to display kids art work, photographs, etc...

Other Resources (Click on item to take you to website):

IKEA shelves: Unavailable online :(

"Flower" Ceiling Lamp from IKEA: $29.99

Pair of White Panel Curtains from IKEA: $4.99

Magnetic Board from IKEA: $12.99 (this is the closest I could find -its longer and a bit more expensive than the one I used).

Cute Damask Ironing Board Cover from ETSY Store - City Chic Country Mouse: $24.00

Barbie Pink Tool/Craft Boxes from Joann Fabrics: $20.99 each.

Drawer Knobs from Anthropologie: Assort Prices

Small Silver Binder Clips from Target: $2.17

Distressed Off-White Desk & Chair from Pier 1 Imports: No Longer Available (I found a set on Craigslist though!)

White "Shabby Chic" Table & Chair from Craigslist: I picked this up for $200 (plus another four chairs I use in my kitchen!)

Well...I know that was a long post...but HOPEFULLY, you were able to get SOME inspiration from it! As always - let me know if you have any questions at all! :-)

Have a HAPPY day!

Luv, naz


  1. I love the table placed under the window! By the way... my mom's dining room table is almost identical!

    I also LOVE the idea of hanging the shopping bags for storage! Great work!

  2. I'm so so so honored to be mentioned in your blog. Cute as always Naz!!!! Btw, you got the Tiffany's bag the same day as Serendipity ;-)

    Love you tons,
    Your Oh-so-proud-friend...Sarah

  3. You're so right SAr! :-) I totally forgot - since Ronny made me take the ring back and get him a tool set instead! haha!! :-) We were there for ages too- it was great while it lasted - huh?? :-)

  4. Oh P.S. Sar - Do you notice I'm using the Dylan's Candy Bar bag on one of the shelves too?! Oh so many memories!! Can't wait to take Ella there! Oh my goodness- that will be so fun! :-)

  5. I love it, and Brian and I were just saying we need, or I need to organize our spare room/office!!!

    I'm so going to do the inspiration thing and bookshelves it sounds really perfect. :)

  6. Oh wow! Your sewing room is fabulous! I love your table and shelves and inspiration wall...and everything you've done! This is inspiration for me to get moving on organizing my room! Thanks so much for purchasing our ironing board cover and sharing your gorgeous room with us!

  7. Nazzy: You didn't mention how you made the lamp shade cover thing??!!! What is it?? How did you make it?

  8. You are so creative and I love it all! - Sheree Trask

  9. Sasch! The lamp shade is from Ikea! I put a link to it at the bottom with the "resources". It was pretty easy to put together and is only $29.99! :-)

  10. Naz - you are so blessed with creativity!!! I really wish you lived closer so you can "Naz Up" my apartment!

    Of course I noticed the Dylan bag!!! OMG - I wanted to smack you in the head and pull you out of that place, lovingly of course ;-)

  11. Everything about your room is just so adorable! I definitely love how you've organised everything in your closet. Thanks for the idea—I think I'll make my own inspiration wall as well. ;)



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