08 April 2010

{Swap} My First Egg Exchange/Swap!

I know this might be a few days after Easter...but I have an excuse! I was on vacation and didn't get my easter package until after I got home...on Tuesday. :-) Anyway...I decided to participate in my first Egg Exchange/Swap ever! I heard about it from my fellow blogger/crafting friend, Erin (her blog is TOTEally Posh!). I didn't really know what to expect...OR what I should send...but now that I have had my first experience...I think I have a slightly better idea! Thanks to my swapping buddy, Maryellen for being so patient with me this time around! :-)

So...the swap was coordinated by the lovely, Christine Edwards, on her blog, A Work in Progress. Check out her blog if you're interested in other swaps!

Here is a picture of the dozen eggs/container I put together...I included some ribbon, stickers, di-cuts, and some other trinkets...I thought that everything had to fit inside the eggs...so I was a little stifled by the measurements of the eggs...next time I know that doesn't have to be the case! :-) Even so...I had fun putting it together!

And here's what I got in the mail....everything was so cute and thoughtful, Maryellen! :-)

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...a vintage little bunny rabbit, flower seeds, wood bracelet, easter necklace, candy...etc....all so fun to open up and receive!

Anyway...thought I'd share this fun little venture I did...and maybe next time you're invited to a do a swap...you'll decide to do it and know what to expect! :-) So fun! :-) Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!




  1. I love it Naz! I kept looking to see what you had made. You did so good! Don't you just love swaps?

    Oh, I went to the ER on Sunday for chest pains and it turned out to be my gall bladder. They admitted me and did surgery Monday morning. Came home Tuesday evening. It's been a crazy week! But all is well now. Just recovering.

  2. Thanks so much! I loved mine also and so glad you loved yours. And congrats on you lil Ella!!

  3. Both of your packages look so cute! I'm just getting caught up from being gone last week myself. I'm so glad you enjoyed the swap, and would do it again. ;-)



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