17 March 2010

{Recipe} Happy St. Patty's Day!! (Celebrating it w/ Marshmallow & Donut Hole Pops Ideas)

Happy St. Patty's Day! Its the day of shamrocks, lucky charms, gold coins, and everything IRISH or GREEN! I thought I'd share with you a couple ideas I put together to celebrate this holiday today!

I first saw the idea of "cake pops" on Bakerella. I love her stuff! Its all so fun and fabulous and all of her pictures are so fun to look at! Now, I see cake pops all over the internet on blogs and other websites sharing their own variations/versions. Here is my IRISH version! They say, "lucky you" and "lucky me"! :-)
Here is what I used for my "cake pops"...the Wilton's candy melts come in any color...including the perfect St. Patty's green I needed for this little idea of mine..

I found these marshmallows a little while ago at the grocery store and saved them for this very use. They are swirled chocolate and vanilla flavored! So fun!

So...as you can guess...instead of using "cake" for my pops...I went the SUPER easy route and went with using marshmallows and donut holes. I'm showing you both versions so you can see what they look like when done and which one looks the best. (My thought is the marshmallows worked much better to write on and looked much cleaner...but the donut holes tasted better but weren't as perfect looking.) :-)

Here are the marshmallow versions: Yum! :-)

Donut hole versions....(I decided since the writing didn't work very well on these...I could try the shamrock and dripped chocolate..which turned out cute!)
And for a packaging idea...SO cute! :-) I put a "lucky me" and "lucky you" marshmallow pop in each treat bag. I just used double sided tape to close the top of the treat bag. Then, I printed a sheet of these labels on sticker paper and just cut around each one for the individual labels. It worked perfect and didn't take any time at all! :-) In case you plan to make a ton of these...I used one roll of the green ribbon for about 22 pops.

If you need directions on how to melt the chocolate/melts...go HERE.

There's not really much to putting together these pops other than sticking the cookie stick into the marshmallow or donut hole, dipping it into the melted candy/chocolate melts, then letting them dry on wax paper in the fridge. I melted the green melts and poured it into an icing bag to use for the writing. Since I didn't have a tiny enough tip, I just cut the very tip of the icing bag to make a tiny hole - worked like a charm!

Anyway, I hope you all have a very Happy St. Patty's Day! How are you celebrating it? I get to celebrate it by spending some quality time with my Auntie Claire & Uncle Dwight that are IRISH and happen to be visiting from IRELAND! :-) I couldn't think of a more perfect way to spend this day! :-)

luv, naz


  1. Good Job Naz!! Those look great!

  2. Ahhh...thanks, Jenny! That means a lot coming from you! Haha! :-) Have a fabulous day!



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