26 March 2010

{DIY: Holiday Decor} Happy Easter Eggs ~ Paper Mache Style!!

Okay...so I thought this little Easter craft would be WAY easier than this turned out to be!! BUT, hopefully, since I had some experience with it....I can give you a few hints on how to make this easier and a little more FUN for you if you have the guts (and time) to try it!

We've all tried paper mache at least ONCE in our lifetime...right? Okay...well the last time I tried it was in like 2nd grade...which is probably why I didn't remember how MESSY and time consuming this was! :-)

I got the idea from Martha Stewart's Living Magazine issue this month...so if you want you can check out her AMAZING-looking-paper-mache-eggs in there - (they turned out way cooler looking than mine!).

But...here's my version...Okay- so they look pretty cute from a distance...but don't let that fool you! This is what happened to all the undersides of the eggs, since I didn't put enough coats of paper on them before I popped the balloon inside... I couldn't even salvage the tan egg...the entire thing shrivelled up like a prune!
So, I think I'll give you directions on how to make these AND give you pointers on what NOT to do...so they turn out PERFECTLY perfect Easter eggs for your center piece for Easter!

Supplies You'll Need:

Tissue Paper

WHITE Balloons (I used pink, which was a mistake, because some of the balloon stuck to the insides and then you could see it through the egg...) BUT - if you want to try other colors...be my guest! :-)

1 Cup of Matte Modge Podge (You may need more- but I had plenty plus lots extra for these 5 eggs I did).

1/2 Cup WARM Water


Bowls (I'll explain what you'll need them for later so you'll know what size and how many you'll need).

Glitter, Ribbon, or anything else you want to decorate eggs with :-)

Here's the How-To: (These are my directions...not Marth's...so if you want her directions...you'll have to get them out of the magazine! :-)

1). Tear 3/4" to 1" strips of tissue paper in each color of egg that you want. (I had all this extra tissue paper lying around...which worked perfectly! (Yes...I admit - I do save all tissue paper that I get from presents...etc...so many RE-uses for them!) :-)

*After they are in strips, tear them again so they are only about 6 inches or less in length. I made the mistake of trying to do this AFTER I had glue all over my hands, while covering the eggs and it turned out to be a really MESSY mistake! :( 2). Blow the balloons up to size of eggs you want. Some of them were a little funny shaped...so I just squeezed the balloon until it formed a more perfect "egg shape". :-)

3). Mix the Modge Podge and WARM water together in a shallow bowl.

4). Place newspapers all over your work area! Put them at least TRIPLE thick...otherwise the modge podge mix will seep through and make the newspaper stick to your table or work area...not fun to clean off!

5). Okay...so you'll want TWO bowls per egg. You need a very small one (like ones you use for small dips or measuring stuff) AND a bowl the size of like a regular sized cereal bowl. Place each of the small bowls into the middle of each of the cereal bowls. (The cereal bowls will catch the glue mix from dripping all over while drying). Sorry- I should have taken a picture of this so you could see what I'm talking about!

6). Now you're ready to start! Take the first balloon and place it on the small bowl while you work. Take the strips of tissue paper and dip them one at a time into the modge podge mix. SQUEEZE off the excess mix using your pointer and thumb finger - flattening the tissue paper as you squeeze from the top to the bottom of strip of tissue paper. Place tissue paper on balloon. Flatten it against the balloon as best you can. With each strip after that - partially overlap the strips as you continue this process - do it until entire balloon is covered completely with the tissue paper. *For the end of the balloon where you tied it - just work AROUND this as close to the knot as possible. WARNING- you'll get REALLY messy doing this...I promise!! :-)

7). Set aside.

8). Using same process, cover all balloons with the first coat of tissue paper.

9). Repeat process 4 more times...starting on 1st egg you covered...then doing each egg after in same rotation...so there is equal drying time in between coats for each egg. *This part is SUPER tedious and time consuming...so I'd suggest doing this with your kids, a friend, or watching TV at the same time since it takes so long. I only put TWO layers on...which is most likely another reason the balloons shrivelled...they were too thin to hold up to the balloon deflating - so the balloon just sucked the tissue in with it.

10). Let eggs dry for at least 24 hours. (Half way through - turn eggs over so the underside can dry more quickly...I didn't do this and all the glue mix collected on the bottom so it took WAY longer to dry/harden than the top.) This probably lead to the deflation, which happened because I didn't let the bottom dry all the way before popping the balloon.

11). After balloons are completely dried...use a needle or pin to "pop" the balloon inside -holding the knot and popping the balloon right beside the knot. If you do it right...since you are holding the knot - the balloon should shrivel up so you can pull the balloon through the small hole where you went around the knot with the paper mache. Hopefully, since you did so many layers...the dried tissue will hold up while the balloon deflates inside of it. (I HOPE!)

12). Now for the fun part! Using ribbon, glitter, stickers, or anything else you can think of...decorate each of the eggs! I used a spray glitter, then shook on a light layer of real glitter to stick to it. (I put them in the bottom of a shopping bag - and sprayed the glitter and sprinkled the glitter on it - this worked great - and didn't get glitter all over the place!) I let that dry and then I tied a ribbon using the same color of the eggs I had. I actually didn't think of this until the very minute I did it - I'm glad I did - they look way more cute with the ribbon on them, than not! :-)

I placed the eggs on top of the tan tissue paper that I had left over for a "nest look" -it looked really cute! IF I was using this for my center piece...I'd definitely include some easter candy around these!!

SO...there you go! A little Easter craft/center-piece idea for you! Would I do these again? MAYBE...I'd need it to be a day I was SUPER patient....AND I'd have to talk someone into doing it WITH me...so I wasn't so bored out of my mind while doing them!! (Just keeping it real.) ;-)
Happy EARLY Easter!! If anything...at least I have some cute pictures to share...and hopefully, it at least gets you in the MOOD for Easter!! :-)

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  1. Good Morning,

    I work at a local magazine in Salisbury, MD and we are doing a page on fun Easter ideas. Do you mind if I used the picture of your paper mache eggs off your blog? It would have your photo credit on it. Thanks so much!

    Colleen Phillips



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