20 March 2010

{Personal} B is for BABY, G is for GIRL and E is for ELLA!!

So, I've yet to officially announce on my blog that I'm PREGNANT!!!!!! Those of you who know me personally, of course already know though 'cause I'm just so darn excited!! :-) This last Thursday, I found out that we are having a GIRL! :-) Since I'm a LOVER of all things PINK, FRILLY, RUFFLED and GIRLY...I can imagine how much fun its going to be when she finally arives! :-) (I'm half way to my due date...whoo-hoo!) Funny that I was such a tom-boy growing up!! :-) Who would've thought!? :-)

Anyway, I couldn't think of a better way to post this EXCITING information - other than to share pictures of these SUPER SWEET PINK SUGAR COOKIES with you! :-) My new friend, Jenny, made them for me...aren't they the CUTEST things you've ever seen!! (THEY TASTE AS GOOD AS THEY LOOK TOO!) These are definitely going to hit my SUGAR craving spot RIGHT on!!

Pink onesies with an "e" on them....how adorably cute are they?? I bet you can guess from the title of this blog...I'm naming my little girl, ELLA. I've had it picked out for forever! :-) Her full name will be Ella Vuittori Knutsen. Ahhhh....I simply can't WAIT to meet her!! Jenny put all the cookies in this cute paint can bucket!! Seriously...could these have gotten any cuter or more THOUGHTFUL - I don't think so!
So you can see more of Jenny Cookies...you gotta check out her BLOG & WEBSITE!! I've told you before how amazing she is! (She's the one I took the COOKIE CLASS from! - So fun!)
U can become a fan of her cookies and cupcakes business on FACEBOOK here, too!!

Jenny ~ I can't THANK YOU enough for your thoughtfulness! You TOTALLY made my day and helps to celebrate the exciting news of what I am having! :-) I couldn't think of a more special way!

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day...!


Oh and P.S......
If you've recently subscribed to my blog to get my posts to your email, using the box in the upper right hand corner of my blog...you'll need to RE-SUBSCRIBE! I changed my URL to
www.makeitbakeitcreateit.blogspot.com instead of my old one which was www.nazraknutsen.blogspot.com. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that it would delete all my prior subscribers! :( So sorry for this inconvenience!

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