15 February 2010

{Recipe} Valentine's Day Dessert...Chocolate Cups Filled w/ White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream...Hello Sweetness!

I hope you all had as SWEET of a Valentine's Day as I did! My husband, Ronny, couldn't have made it anymore special! Its crazy that 6 years ago (yesterday) he proposed! Valentine's will always be a special day for us. :-)

Anyway...I'm going to admit that I didn't actually make this for our last night's dessert. Ronny made an amazing dinner of steak, green beans, and home-made mashed potatoes and by the time we finished...we were both stuffed! So...we decided to post-pone our dessert for today. :-) You could use this dessert idea for Valentine's Day or any other special day you need a fancy (looking) dessert. <3>
Here is how I created this simple, yet a little time consuming dessert...


Large Cupcake Liners
Cupcake Pan
Basting Brush (Or a small un-used paint brush would work too!)
Wilton's Dark Cocoa Candy Melts
Haagen-Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Ice Cream (One of my fave's)
Fresh Raspberries
Hershey's Syrup
Step 1: Place TWO cupcake liners (per cup) in every other spot in a cupcake pan. (Its easier to paint the cups when they're separated...and doubling the liners will help keep the liners sturdy when painting them with chocolate.) I made an extra shell -JUST IN CASE! I'd suggest you do the same. :-)

Step 2: Melt Chocolate (See this blog posting if you need directions: Chocolate Covered Strawberries)

Step 3: "Paint" melted chocolate with basting brush on the inside of each of the liners. Don't worry about it looking too messy- the cup will be filled up with ice cream - so you won't be able to see any flaws! :-) Paint it so it covers the entire inside of the liner and make sure you get in the groves! Its okay if the chocolate is painted on thin - we're going to do a couple more coats!
Here's what mine look like after they're all painted...
Step 4: Put chocolate cups into refrigerator for about 5 minutes or until they're completely hardened. *****IMPORTANT*****I washed my brush in HOT HOT water in between each coat - otherwise chocolate will clump on brush and won't go on as smooth. PLUS - it will be way harder to clean the brush after you're all done. :-)

Step 5: Take cups out of refrigerator and repeat Step 3. (Paint another coat of melted chocolate onto inside of cups.) This time try covering up any spots you see white/light coming through the chocolate.

Step 6: Place chocolate cups back into refrigerator for another 5 minutes or so (until chocolate hardens completely).

Step 7: Paint on another coat of chocolate if needed...or look closely and "touch up" any spots you missed on the 2nd coat. You want to make sure that the chocolate will be thick enough that when you peel off the liner - it won't break! :-)

Step 8: Cups go back into refrigerator to harden completely again!

Step 9: CAREFULLY, peel off outside liner.

Step 10:Then, CAREFULLY, peel off inside liner. I found it easier to tear down the cup first and then tear the liner around the cup - then remove bottom of liner.

I'm glad I made an extra one! I accidentally broke the first one! :( OOps!

Here are my two cups that turned out perfect! :-) Yay! I didn't break them! :-)

Step 11: DECORATE! :-) Decorate your plates using melted chocolate or Hershey's Syrup. My "YOU" didn't turn out perfect- but its the thought that counts - right? :-)
Step 12: Place chocolate cup on decorated plate. THEN put the icecream in. Drizzle with Hershey's Syrup and top with fresh raspberries. I made the chocolate heart by using extra melted chocolate - just shaped it on wax paper and it hardened in the refrigerator. :-) SO cute!

Step 13: Serve & Enjoy!! :-)

****The possibilities of this dessert are endless!! You could make different colored cups using Wilton's selection of colored candy melts...any flavor of icecream you want...use other icecream toppings...chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc....etc...!!! :-) I'd love to see your variations and share them on my blog...so feel free to send me a picture if you try this dessert! :-) My email is: nazknutsen@gmail.com.

Lots of love sent your way!

~naz <3


  1. that looks great naz! I might need to try those. Wouldn't they be good with brownies inside? hmmm.

  2. OH yes!! :-) Great idea!! :-) These would make a great version of "Ice Cream Cupcakes" too! :-) The ideas are ENDLESS! :-)

  3. My great aunt used to make these and sell them to neighbors for a little extra pocket money.

  4. What an interesting way to make chocolate bottoms, I have try this.

  5. Wow! Beautiful photos! I am so impressed and can not wait to try this technique, as well as your Haagen Dazs flavor choice! mmmmmm!

  6. Thanks for the comments!! :-) Making the chocolate cups are actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it! :-)

  7. I tried Haggen Daz White Chocolate Rasberry for the first time on Valentine's Day! I didn't know it was a favorite of yours!
    I would like to order some when you are here for a visit - i propose that you teach chloe how to make them, and I will enjoy eating them. Child labor - gotta love it! BTW - would the liners be easier to remove if you used foil liners? Have you tried spraying PAM before putting the chocolate? I don't have an answer, but I know if I try to peel a paper line off of pretty chocolate I will break them ALL!

  8. Oh-foil ones might work easier! I think I'll try that next time if I can find large ones. :-) I didn't want the chocolate to be oily so that's why I didn't try pam. We shoud totally make them when I come down to AZ to visit! :-)

  9. I saw Jacques Torres make chocolate cups, he dipped air-filled baloons into chocolate, put them in the fridge and then popped the balloons to make perfect chocolate cups! Use small balloons and try this out? Love your recipes, photos, design, a feast for the eyes!

  10. Great suggestion!! I'll have to try that! Thanks for your comment!! :)

  11. what a wonderful idea for chocolate cups! I'm thinking about making this with silicone muffin pans, maybe that will make the peeling easier? Glad i found your blog through foodbuzz, will be coming back for more!

  12. Thanks, Anjelikuh! :-) What a sweet comment...let me know how those silicone muffin pans work! :-) I've yet to get some of those- but that'd also be a great idea! :-)

  13. Oh how beautiful and fun - love the ice-cream, also! A few fresh raspeberries for a little show and tell - just lovely.



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