25 February 2010

{Personal} Jenny Cookies: Cookie Class = SO FUN!!

So, this last Saturday, my sisters, our friend, Jenny, and I took a cookie class from Jenny Keller of Jenny Cookies! It was so much fun! Jenny showed us how to make and decorate her scrumptious sugar cookies and icing (its the best icing I've tasted -EVER)!! If you check out her blog and cookie website - you'll be so impressed by her creativity and talent!!

Here is Jenny showing us how to ice the cookies!

Here is her signature cupcake cookie ~ isn't it SO CUTE and SO YUMMY looking?? Some of Jenny's other examples...
So after she did the "how to" ~ the class (about 20 people or so) got to put our learning to work! Here's the plate of my blank canvas cookies!

Here are a few of the cookies I decorated....SO FUN!!

Jenny had these adorable packages put together for anyone in the class to purchase after the class. They each have icing colors, cookie cutters, icing bags, icing tips, etc in them...aren't they so cute and OH totally inspiring!? I need to put my icing kit to WORK now! :-)

Now...you absolutely have to check out her cookie website if you haven't yet!! www.jennycookies.com You'll instantly be inspired to sign up for one of her classes (if you live near Seattle) OR you'll have to plan on ordering custom cookies for your next party!

Thanks, Jenny for the awesome class!! It was so fun and it was so great to see how you "work your magic"!! You are amazing!!

luv, naz

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  1. Ah, that looks so fun! I've always wanted to take a decorating class.

    -kristine c



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