22 February 2010

{Recipe} Cupcake Candy Shell Filled w/Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie Icecream (Version #2)!!

Alright...so since my Valentine's Day dessert was so popular...I figured I'd share VERSION #2 of this fabulous idea with you! I made this dessert for my sister's 30th family party instead of a doing a cake (I just made these individual "cupcake" desserts for everyone.) :-)

Here's a photo of the ingredients I used for this version:
Again- this is super simple - yet a little time consuming (depending on how many cups you make). I only made 10 of these cups for our small family party for Naomi and it took me about an hour to paint/make them all. :-) But the nice thing was - I made it the day before and then just quickly put together each cup when we were ready to serve them.

Click here for the HOW TO!!

Naomi was SOOOOO excited and absolutely loved this version I created just for her! :-) This picture says it all! One of her fave ice cream flavor is this Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies! :-) Since the Girl Scount Cookies don't come out until the 26th of February :( - I had to go with the Thin Mint Cookies I found at Safeway. :-) They actually are really pretty good!

Love you, Nome!! So happy you liked it!

luv, naz


  1. Looks delicous! Keebler's Grasshoppers taste just like Thin Mints. I buy those when I have a craving for Thin Mints and it's not Girl Scout Cookie time. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! I'll totally have to try those!! I was so disappointed when I couldn't get the real thing!

  3. naz it was the special dessert ive ever had! custom created just for me!! the pink chocolate cup was adorable and delicious and the icecream and mint cookies my favorite!! and last but not least the pink chocolate 30s toped the cake literally!! : ) love you naz thank you for everything you did to make my bithday so very special!! love you!!

  4. these pink ones are adorable, and i love the color combinations of pink, brown, and white-- very girly! Happy birthday to your friend naomi!



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