16 January 2010

{Party} Baby Animal Baby Shower!

Puggle. That's what a baby platypus's is called. You know...how a baby cat is called a kitten? Well...that was part of the game we played today at my good friend Jessica's baby shower! :-) She's a lover of all things animals - ESPECIALLY the cute cuddly baby type...so I went with that theme for her baby shower! I think it turned out pretty well...! I thought I'd share a few pics with you...some of them aren't very GREAT pictures - I ended up taking them in a rush- so next time I'll remember to wait until my camera focuses before snapping the pic and I should've gotten a better angle on some of them. :-) But oh well...I think Jess had a good time and liked her shower, so that's all that matters. :-)

Going with the animal theme - I figured a couple cute stuffed animals would be needed for decoration...:-) Luckily- I had a few on hand! :-) In the next picture you can see the clothes pins a little better that I hung the banner letters with. These were SUPER cheap - like $1.50 for 40 of them! I just printed off letters off my computer, cut around them, then double-sided-taped them onto scalloped cut brown paper I used from my QFC grocery bag. I put that on cute paper I had in my stack of "not sure when I'm going to use - but its so cute paper". :-) This was the perfect use. :-) I had polka-dot brown ribbon on hand too- it worked like a charm to hang the banner letters off of - and SO cute!
This was the game we played: Name that Animal Baby! I got this idea from another shower I went to - such a cute idea! :-) You'd think it'd be way easier than it was! (This was the answer sheet). :-) Now for the table...this was fun to set. :-) Not sure if you can see it very well...but the table cloth is this grass green color. Its actually a sheet I got from Walmart for this very use...I accidentally got a queen size...but if you buy a twin - its only like $7 - and SO much more special than a plastic table cloth! You can wash it - and wallah -use it as many times as you want! :-) They have every color you can imagine...(I don't recommend using the same sheets you use to sleep in, though). :-) The table runner is one of my scarves. :-) It worked perfect! Its a creme with light brown stripes...it was TOO perfect not to use...! :-) I'd definitely call this being "resourcefully chic". :-)

Okay- So I know you can't tell what those things are in the picture above...at the very bottom of the picture. They are BLTA Rolls - That's a bacon-lettuce-tomato-avacado sandwich in a rolled up tortilla! I've been craving a BLT sandwich lately - so I went with that idea for an appetizer - I have to say they were SOOOOO good - definitely a recipe keeper for another party! Actually - I think I might have to just go out and buy myself the ingredients so I can have these for lunch every day for the next week. Yes- they're that good! :-) I know that my blog is all about baking recipes...but I might just have to share this one with you too! Heck- I DID put them in CUPCAKE wrappers - so they'd stay together! :-)
So...one of Jess's requests was to have cupckae bar! What a great idea! :-) I really could have gone ALL out on this...but I tamed myself to making only 3 kinds of cupcakes (vanilla, chocolate, and funfetti)...
Check these out!! Natasha, Jess's sister, came with all these icings she prepped! She made almond, peppermint, mocha, vanilla, lavendar, chocolate, along with bringing cherries, raspberry, and whipped cream fillings: HELLO. I have to admit my favorite was the mocha! I'm so going to have to get this recipe from her!
And of course you can't have a cupcake bar without sprinkles! :-)
Of course, I had the white wine spritzer all made up too! (One of my party staples). This time I used blackberries instead of raspberries - I WAS going to use frozen peaches -but the store I went to didn't have any. :( Bummer- that would have been good too! :-) In case you missed it before - here's the recipe! :-)

Along with the spritzer - we had a non-alcoholic spritzer drink that Natasha made up - it was super good too! (I didn't take a picture of it since I only had an old tupperware pitcher to serve it in - so not cute - but it WAS so good!) :-) AND we had water with lemon wedges in it...I absolutely LOVE this serving container! I borrowed it from my sister...I might just have to find one for myself though - it works great! I can fill it with a ton of ice - and you don't have to worry about refills during the party! :-)

Last but not least, I found these "favors" at Target for just a buck each. They go along perfect with the animal theme...and they just shout out cuteness. :-) I just put these by the door - so people could take them as they left. :-)

This was a fun shower to plan. All Jess said was that she wanted it to be simple and she gave me the cupcake bar idea...I wasn't sure that I could actually pull "simple" off - since I'm always tempted to go overboard. :-) But I think I pulled it off: a simple, yet still special enough shower. :-) Heck- I didn't even get balloons! ;-)

luv, naz <3
P.S. I really hope that you can use some of my ideas for your own "resourcefully chic" party planning! If you ever need recipes...or have questions...or IDEAS...just comment and I'm SO happy to help! :-) Happy reading!


  1. Oh my goodness Naz what an ADORABLE shower!!
    Everything from the letters to the table to the green m&ms all of it is ABSOLUTLY ADORABLE!!! and YUMMM the cupcake bar sounds AND looks absolutly delicious!! So special I am sure she abslolutly LOVED IT!!

  2. Thanks, Nome! :-) So happy you liked it! :-)



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