26 January 2010

{DIY: Gift} A Couple of Resourcefully-Chic-But-Cheesy Ideas for Your Valentine!

So what is Valentine's Day without a little cheesy-ness right? Well...I decided to share a few of my former Valentine's Day ideas with you that I ended up making for my husband all while trying to be super resourceful. (I really didn't have any money to be spending - so I had to be super creative). :-) I'm warning you in advance though - these ideas might possibly be cheesier than Kraft macaroni and cheese. Haha!

Idea #1: "LOVE-NOTE" Notebook
So, I made this first book by using a spiral bound drawing notebook - where all the pages are just white and the paper is a little heavier. This has seen at least 6 years and about 5 moves...so some of the pages are a little worn & or a little water damaged. It looked MUCH better when it was first completed. :-) So bear with me....

I used old magazines, a few love or valentine greeting cards, nail polish, valentine wrapping paper, tissue paper, printed-off poems, lyrics to songs, some construction paper, stickers, markers, crayons and whatever else I found that would work with what I was going for. A "LOVE-NOTE" Notebook, I guess you could say! After a LOT of time, some super creativity brain power, $7 for the notebook, and maybe no more than $10 on the greeting cards...it ended up being a pretty cute & memorable present all for under $20. I used each page of the notebook for a different saying, card, or picture...here are some of the pages....

This was the last page of the book...haha...I know! This picture is about 6 years old...gosh - we both look so different now!

Idea #2: Picture Calendar
Okay- so...don't laugh. :-) Ronny actually is a calendar guy...AND he's very practical...so I figured this was a great idea! :-) I might even make him one for THIS year. I took pictures we took together and pictures of his family (he never sees them since they live in Norway) over the previous year and included them in the calendar. I ordered it online through Fed-Ex/Kinko's and it wasn't more than $15 (3 years ago). But, I just checked online and they now start at $19.99 - but they have a lot more options for backgrounds, photo placement, etc...PLUS you can speed order it to be ready the next day, I believe, and you can pick it up at your nearest Fed-Ex/Kinko's! Ronny still kept this even after that year ended...so I suppose he felt it had some sentimental value to it. :-)

Idea #3: Take a Pic of Yourself & Frame-It
Sooo....this 3rd idea came from a comment randomly said by Ronny while we were dating. GOSH- I feel like that was forever ago.... Anyway, he said that he thought that the old Hollywood pictures of women wearing hats and smoking stogies or those long cigarettes were "hot"... so I figured maybe I'd try and replicate a picture like that in my own way. :-) I don't smoke - so I went and bought a cigar - dressed up my face a bit, put on some fake lashes, wore a hat I already had, and posed for the pic. (My younger brother, David, took the picture of me with my crappy camera - and it actually turned out okay.) I had no idea about photoshopping or even how to edit a picture - so this is just the basic picture turned black and white. I bought the frame for about $7 and paid like $2 for a couple copies of the pictures. Less than $10 and there you go. :-) Oh and yes - I did take a picture of a picture. :-) Ronny still keeps this pictures on his desk - even 5 years later...so I know he still likes it. :-)

Some other ideas are:

  • Making over their office/man-cave to reflect them, their personalities, or passions in life
  • Gift-Certificate to get their car detailed and washed professionally (I realize some people can afford to get this done on a regular basis - which of course means it woudn't be special) :-) BUT if your man has a thing for his car and usually has to do it himself...maybe he'd appreciate it. :-)
  • Home-Made coupons (Use your imagination for what they could use the coupons on) :-)
  • Tickets to a sporting event (Ronny really likes boxing - so I thought maybe one year I could do that)

Anyway - if you have any of your own creative ideas- feel free to leave a comment/idea! I of course still need an idea to do for this year for Ronny...count down to Valentines: 2 weeks and a few days. I'm SURE he's already thinking about what he'll be doing for me...right? ;-)

Lots of LOVE & HEARTS & CREATIVITY sent your way!

luv, naz


  1. Thank you Naz for such beautiful Love Notes being shared by you.Wish you all the best.

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  2. Last year I had Randy & I write eachother love letters which I sealed in envelopes. We will be opening them this Valentines Day - 1 year later :)

    I also made decorative menus and sent him a note to come to my house dressed up. When he got here I had flowers everywhere, the table set for 2 w/ red & pink and menus laying on the placemats for keepsakes as to what we had for dinner/dessert. I made a fancy dinner by candle light and it was so romantic.

    I made a BOOST JAR which is a mason jar which I decorated with paper, ribbon etc and inside were "BOOST's" for him such as: "I think you're hot", "You make me smile" etc. He can take one out each day for a little BOOST from me to him :)

    I also made a KISS JAR which was again a decorated mason jar filled with hershey kisses.

  3. SHeree!! I LOVE these ideas!!!!!!!!!!!! What great ideas! I'm going to use some of them for sure!!!! I know Ronny will really appreciate the BOOST JAR one! I LOVE IT!



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