02 December 2009

{Holiday Decor} 'Tis the Season to....DECORATE!! <<<-

I LOVE Christmas!! I'm so happy that now my home is decorated all "Christmassy" ~ so happy and bright! I thought I'd share some pics with you so you might be able to get ideas for your own home! :-) Decorations can get pricey...but when you are resourceful and use what you have first...you'd be surprised at what you can come up with! :-) This is just the START of the holiday season...right? So...have fun...and stay MERRY. :-)
This is the first time I've used tinsel garland on my tree...but I think it adds so much! I found the garland at Target and it was only a few dollars for each strings (I got two). Its called "true silver" so it looks a little more vintage than your regular silver garland. AND its half the size....so pretty! :-)

Yes...this is a leg lamp. :-) One of my favorite Christmas movies of all time is "A Christmas Story" ~ my brother, Lonnie got this for me for Christmas like 5 years ago and its one of the first decorations I put up each year- right on top of my wine cabinet. :-) Needless to say...I have to explain to people WHY I have a lamp that has a stocking'd leg as a base - if they haven't seen the movie. :-) So if you're over at my house and wondering...here's the reason! :-) I do love the fact that if you're walking or driving by my house - you can totally see this from the outside looking in ~ shining so "ohhhhh sexy" (quote from the movie)! Haha. :-) I'm sure you recognize these silver pedestals from my Thanksgiving dinner table. :-) As I'm sure you know already - got 'em at Goodwill for just a few dollars. :-) I love mixing and matching different silvers and sizes of holders - the silver gives it a uniform look...while the differences in them give a more unique and fun look- and it doesn't look too matchy-matchy. :-) I placed a few Christmas balls on small wine goblets, mercury candle holders, and taller candle pillars, making them "peek" out of the green garland. Remember...I got most of these at Goodwill too. :-) I think I'm going to nickname my use of Goodwill treasures, "Resourcefully CHIC". :-) It sounds way better than CHEAP finds. :-) My fireplace is missing something...I know! Stockings of course...I had a couple since they're just not that cute, I think I'm going to make some this year. :-) I have visions of them when I'm going to sleep...and what they'll look like...so stay tuned. :-)

These cute sparkly-cut-glass-trees are my decoration treat for myself this year. I found these at Ravenna Gardens ~ they weren't that expensive...only $7.98 for the small one and the two bigger ones were only $9.98! :-) My coffee table decorations include filling up a silver vase with Christmas balls, placed on a silver tray with fake snow and other Christmas balls placed around it. Top it off with a mercury glass candle holder and wah-lah! :-) Yes...I did get both these silver things at Goodwill. No, I don't actually live there. :-) This is my first year I've used fake snow and I'm actually really loving it! :-) Its a great "resourcefully chic" addition to all my Christmas decorations ~ being its less than a couple dollars a bag. :-)
This is another one of my fave pics of the decorations...not sure exactly why- but its SO pretty and FESTIVE. :-) My balls are on the kitchen table. Christmas balls that is. :-) I took random extra balls I had...placed them on a platter, then dumped fake snow on top. I REALLY love how it turned out! :-) SO cheery & bright! I just love this picture of them too. :-)

So...another one of my favorite things to put up each year is my PINK Juicy tree. Did I just say I have a Juicy tree? Yes, I did. :-) Kennedi, my sis, gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago...and I just absolutely adore it. It goes in my bathroom...so its one of the first things that puts a smile on my face each morning. I strung the tree with my fake pearl necklaces and the pink heart the tree is on is the actual box the Juicy ornaments came in! :-) I decked underneath the tree with random Juicy jewelry boxes I had...and HELLO...it completes the "JUICY COUTURE" themed Christmas tree! :-) What more could a girl ask for, for Christmas? :-)
So...that's it for now! :-) I do have a Sweets Treat Tree for my kitchen that I'll have to share with you after I get it up. :-) Its SO adorably cute not to! :-) I hope you get lots of inspirations from this posting...and HOPEFULLY a smile or two, too! :-)


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