26 December 2009

{Tablescape} & {Recipe} Chrismas Morning Table...and YUMMY Recipe for Egg-Nog French Toast!

I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I still can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone this year! (I know I'm only one day past...but still! I feel like December flew by! Even so...I had such a great day yesterday! Having my family (minus a few) over to my house for the whole day. We decided to do a big brunch instead of a traditional dinner - since we are going to have another "Christmas day" with a big dinner at my mom's house when my brother gets home from Turkey (he's in the Airforce) in January. Ronny made biscuits and gravy (his specialty) and I made Egg-Nog French Toast. (I made Nutella French Toast too- but I'll save that recipe for another blog posting!). The Egg-Nog French Toast I think would have been a bigger hit if I could have kept them all warm enough before it was time to eat...but even so - I couldn't pass up having a 2nd serving of them myself since I thought they were so good! See recipe below! :-)

So...I thought I'd share some pics of the table I set. I thought it needed to be a little more fun - not so stuffy for a Christmas MORNING table. :-) Some tinsel, wrapping paper, candy cane candles, and some red string helped make this table fun and welcoming. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it up! :-)

I thought SOMETHING was missing...so some little cuties and OJ did the trick! :-)

I had to show off my cute water pitcher that I found at none other than Goodwill for 50 cents. :-) Its fun and vintage looking! :-) I love it...and need to find a few more!
Of course the vintage bottles for the OJ I found at Goodwill too! I love these- they make serving anything from OJ to water a little more fun & special! :-)

Now for the good stuff! :-) Have you been wondering what to do with all that extra egg-nog in your fridge? This is the perfect use! :-) I swear- if you're a fan of egg-nog- you'll be a fan of these for sure! :-)

Egg-Nog French Toast Recipe


3/4 cup Egg-Nog

3 Eggs

1 tsp of Nutmeg

Splash of Vanilla

1 Loaf of Texas Toast

Directions: I used a 9x9 inch pan to mix the first four ingredients in with a fork. Whip up until all is mixed together. Then - take each slice of Texas Toast and coat BOTH sides in Egg-Nog mixture. Then - "toast" both sides of toast evenly on heated pan on stove. I served these with butter and syrup - but I think it would have been even BETTER with a little whipped cream and nutmeg sprinkled on top. :-) I didn't happen to have whipped cream- so next Christmas for sure! :-) ENJOY! The mixture is JUST enough to coat 8 pieces of the Texas Toast. :-)


  1. Great pictures! And I might just have to try that recipe for French toast...




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