26 November 2009

{Tablescape} Pumpkins on Pedestals

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you all had as wonderful one as I did! :-) Ronny cooked the day away...and my mom & him prepped the turkey together ~ everything turned out AMAZING. I'm one lucky girl to have a guy that can cook! It gave me the time I needed to make my table beautiful and welcoming for all my family & friends that we shared it with. :-) That includes making my napkins & table coverings. :-) I saw the orange fabric at the fabric store & was SO inspired by it. I kind of think of this table as "Anthropology-ish". The mix & match of silver candle holders & orange-colored pedestals contrasted with up-cycled navy blue vintage tapered candle holders...Hello! Sooo.....here are some pics for you to enjoy! Maybe, you'll get a few ideas for your next holiday dinner! :-)

Simple "napkin holder ring" idea is to just to use a ribbon and either double knot it like I did...or tie a pretty bow! Its resourceful and you can reuse it! :-)

The two taller goblets in this picture I found at Goodwill for only a few dollars. :-) I LOVE using these for candle holders ~ they fit tea-lites just perfectly. Aren't they so pretty & warming?

I didn't have time to make anything special for my name tags...so I just leaned these ones I made & printed off of my computer against the stem of the wine glasses at each setting. Its simple...but works! The font I used on this is called "ecolier"...I really love it! Elegant...but simple! :-)

ALL the silver pieces you see on my table I found at Goodwill...I'm so proud. :-) Who would have thought they'd look so pretty on my Thanksgiving table after seeing it on the shelf at Goodwill. I WOULD! :-) Its called...knowing & buying a treasure when you see it! ;-)

Another simple idea for decoration is to "glitter-up" some real mini pumpkins! I used this spray on glitter then poured white glitter on top of it - just pour off the excess & wallah! I placed them on my wider pedestals for a unique and SUPER easy way of integrating pumpkins into my Thanksgiving table decor! :-)
Again! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! On to the next holiday now...right?! :-) I love this time of year & can't WAIT to decorate for Christmas! :-)

luv, naz

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