12 November 2009

{Book Love} OH for the LOVE of BOOKS...

SO...lately I've been so drawn to books with beautiful covers. I know, I know, you can't tell a book by its cover ~ but when they're OH so pretty ~ who cares if the book itself is actually good - at least it LOOKS pretty on the shelf right? That isn't to say that I ONLY read books with pretty covers...I just choose to show off the ones that are NICE to look at! :-)

So...I was initially inspired by these books from Anthropologie ~ aren't they gorgeous?? They are the new CLOTH-COVERED books by PENGUIN. I would buy them all up in a heart beat if they were'nt $20.00 a piece! :( This picture really doesn't do it justice ~ so you'd have to go to their site to really take them all in - in all their beauty! Here's the link: http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/category.jsp?popId=HOME&navAction=top&navCount=5&isSortBy=true&pushId=HOME-BOOKS&id=HOME-BOOKS SO...when I made my rounds at the Goodwill outlet in Seattle the other day ~ when I saw these books ~ my heart skipped a beat ~ !! They have beautiful covers...oh so vintage looking...and PERFECT for my sister's new re-make-over we did in her living room! :-) I'll hopefully, be able to get pictures for you soon and show off what a BEAUTIFUL place her living room is to be in now! :-) And....the best part? THEY WERE ONLY .49 CENTS A PIECE! :-)
So...I bought all 17 that I found! :-)

I think this yellow one is my favorite! So happy and bright! :-)
Oh and this one is so pretty too! :-)
So....I hope you are inspired now to "freshen" up your shelves with some cheery looking books! AND hopefully, you're really inspired to go check out your nearest Goodwill or Value Village and see what kind of treasures they have! :-)
luv, naz <3>

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