19 November 2009

{Fabulous Finds} Happy Birthday to Me? (Celebrating with a GIANT CUPCAKE!)

Soooo....if I had a choice to make my own cake...this is what it would look like! :-) Its a funfetti cake with funfetti frosting-filling and vanilla icing on top. The flower however, is not flavored, nor edible for that matter ~ but it was just too darn cute to resist putting it on top. :-)But since it would be a party faux pas to bake my own cake...I'll have to "dedicate" this GIANT CUPCAKE to my two friends...Sheree AND Sheree...both of who share their birthday week with me. :-) (Yes...I think everyone should take a whole week to celebrate their birthdays!) Sooo...Happy Birthday to us! Now....if you're wondering how to make a "GIANT" cupcake...the secret is...drum-roll, please.... Wilton's Giant Cupcake Pan!

Here is what it looks like:
I found mine at Target (here's a link) ~ but I'm sure any other place that sells Wilton baking items would sell this too. :-) Wilton's Giant Cupcake Pan

There are directions on the packaging this comes with...but my friend Kelcie told me that the top and bottom will come out better if you cook them separately. :-) GREAT idea!

Anyway...I hope you like the new pics on my blog banner! I had so much fun with them...and thanks to my sis, Naomi, who drove to my house at 11pm at the last minute to take them! :-) What are sisters for? ;-)

Have a HAPPY day!

luv, naz!

*******Update!! I just found this silicone GIANT cupcake pan set at Bed Bath and Beyond! :-) This way- you can pull out the top of the cupcake when its done instead of having to overbake the top! :-) AND its only $19.99 - that's almost $10 less than the Wilton Cupcake Pan...! I want one now. :-) Big Top Cupcake *************


  1. love the new banner naz!!!!! : )
    pictures are all just so Beautiful!!!

  2. I really like the banner! Post all the pictures too please!

  3. Ahhhh thanks! :-) I posted an album on FB, Sasch! So glad u like! :-)

  4. Funny, Brian got me the Big Top cupcake pan as part of my birthday present!!! I LOVE IT!

  5. AWESOME!!!!!!! :-) Who wouldn't LOVE a GIANT cupcake???? Its SO fun!!



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