16 October 2009

{Announcement} FLAIR I CreAted for Our [luhv] Campaign! :-)

So..something started stirring in my heart a couple weeks ago and the saying "random acts of love" popped into my head. I couldn't stop thinking about it- what that would mean...look like..etc..how to inspire others...etc. So, I called my younger brother, Lonnie, and asked if he could make me a banner for a blog and told him kind of what my vision/idea was for this "campaign". He responded "NO WAY" ~ the same kind of thing has been on my heart! He said that he was thinking about going down-town Seattle and passing out hot chocolate, coffee, scarves, coats, gloves, and new socks to whomever was in need of it. He's been wanting to do something outside of himself - totally unselfish and to show God's love to others in a very practical way...the same stirrings in my heart. So..."random acts of [luhv] campaign" was born. The reason we spell "love" [luhv] is it is the phonetic spelling of the word "love". We were wanting something a little different that people would ask, "what is that?". That's the first thing people ask when they see the word [luhv]! EVERYONE is invited to join our campaign for [luhv]! U R INVITED! U gotta check out the blog on vox that we started ~ it will tell you TONS more about how u can get involved...what the vision is...etc.! :-) We will share inspiring stories of how other people are sharing [luhv] to others and getting the word out about [luhv] as well as post upcoming events! :-)
Here is the link to the blog...which you can connect to our FB page there! :-)

Here are pics of the t's I spray-painted & bracelets I made...I think they turned out pretty good!

Us girls sporting our t's for the campaign photo shoot! :-) (i'm 2nd from right)
And here are the boys!
(my husband, Ronny, is 2nd from left)

Of course I made my [luhv] bracelet pink! :-)
Have a [luhv]ly day! :-)
If anything...maybe this will inspire u to put a smile on someone elses face today! :-)
Have fun AND [luhv] others unselfishly, unconditionally, randomly, but purposefully. :-)
luv, me


  1. I love what you're doing, Naz! You're so awsome!

  2. Oh thanks, Erin!! :-) Its crazy how so many different people...and all kinds of people want to get involved! I just know its a GOD thing when people who'd never step foot into church are getting involved and want to help out in any way they can! So exciting! Little do THEY know what God is doing in THEIR hearts!!! :-) :-)



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