19 October 2009

{Fabulous Finds} Dear GOODWILL ~ THank you for my FABUloUS finds! :-)

I'm SOOOO excited for my recent Goodwill finds...that I thought I'd go ahead and share them with u! Ahem....I might have to add that I'm a self-proclaimed Queen of Goodwill AND Queen of Craigslist...as I for some reason have the gift of finding the MOST beautiful, unique, vintage finds....all at a very reasonable cost. :-) So...hopefully, this inspires u to go to your nearest 2nd hand store and take a look around for some hidden treasures for your own home! AND...if you don't have the time...not to fret! I'm adding a section in my etsy store where you can buy these beautiful vintage finds from me...that is with an added finders fee. :-) I've listed them at a price that I would pay for them in a home decor boutique...as I think they are VERY much worth it! I hope you enjoy my pictures just as much as I had fun finding these treasures and putting the displays together! :-) P.S. I won't be posting the banana split dishes in my store as my sister has already claimed them for herself. :-)

I hope this inspires you to go do a little treasure hunting as well! U just have to remember to look below the "surface" look of things....silver polish and a good hand-washing can do amazing things! :-) Enjoy!
Luv ~ naz!


  1. I was there!! but these didnt look shiny hehe.

  2. Haha! I know- right?? They look WAY better shined up and displayed nice- who would've thought?

  3. Ah, I wish I had the patience for the Goodwill! I just can't get a thrill out of it... I think I need some lessons! :)

  4. haha! My sis was that way too- but I'm slowly training her...and she actually is getting pretty good about eyeing treasures in murky waters! :-) haha! I should have put a disclaimer to keep a thing of wet wipes in your car afterward though ~ I swear my hands feel so grimy after I'm done! haha! Okay- that probably totally turned u off- huh? :-)

  5. Shopping at Goodwill and other thrift stores is one of my favorite pastimes, too! (Although, my husband still doesn't understand it) It's a great way to Reuse and Recycle!



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