08 September 2009

{Recipe} One of My Party Staples: Chocolate Covered Strawberries...Here's the How-To!

Hello: Deliciousness!! Here's another one of my PARTY "staple food" recipes! I actually started making them after my friend, Katrina from San Diego, showed me how....she even made them for our wedding 'cause I loved them so much! (Thanks, Katrina!)
I would definitely make these the DAY OF the party...otherwise, if you try refrigerating them overnight, they will taste funny. :-)
~ Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ Recipe/How To ~
1 pkg WHITE Wilton Candy Melts
1 pkg BROWN Wilton Candy Melts (I've found these the cheapest at Wal-Mart...but in case you're against Wal-Mart - you can get them at Michaels (and sometimes find them on sale here- good time to stock up!) They are about $2.50-$3.50 a package depending on where you buy them.

Let's get started! :-)

Step 1: Rinse and dry strawberries. (Best way is to individually dry them off with a paper towel to soak up all moisture. The chocolate will stay on MUCH better the dryer they are! :-)

All dry.... :-)

So...for my birthday this last year, my sis, Ken got me these candy melting bowls (along with a TON of other baking stuff! So sweet!) Anyway...these work SO great for melting and keeping the chocolate heated! If you don't have them...no worries- you can use a regular, microwave-safe, bowl to melt your chocolatese in. :-)

Step 2: Melt Chocolate. Depending on what color you want as the "base" color- melt this kind first. You can do brown on white (as shown) or white on brown. Melt candy melts by pouring them into a bowl and microwaving on high for 1 minute. Take bowl out and STIR candy melts. They won't look melted- so stir them as much as you can....If they aren't all the way melted...stick bowl back into the microwave for 30 seconds, take out, stir again. Repeat process (only heating for 30 seconds) until candy melts are smooth. After candy melts, melted!!
Step 3: Holding the top of strawberry, carefully dip strawberry into melted chocolate. (Excuse the fact that my fingers look like old-lady-fingers in these pics- haha!) :-) I definitely could use a manicure right about Now! :-)

Coat strawberries generously with chocolate! :-)

Place strawberries on a cookie tray covered with wax paper. This poor strawberry hadn't been dried all the way. So make SURE you get them really dry before dipping! :-)

Step 4: Melt Chocolate for drizzling. Melt in microwave for 1 minute, STIR, then microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each one, until completely melted.

Step 5: (sorry no pics) Pour melted chocolate into a zip-lock baggie (freezer kind works best). Put baggie in a cup and fold the sides of the baggie over the sides of the cup to hold it open. (Use same technique that I used in the cupcake recipe for the raspberry filling.) Cut corner of baggie after you've gotten the air out of the bag and zipped it. DON'T MAKE IT TOO BIG! Otherwise, chocolate will go everywhere. Just cut the very corner of the baggie...just enough for the chocolate to come out in nice thin lines.

Step 7: Carefully, drizzle strawberries with chocolate-using a "back and forth" technique on each strawberry AFTER the bottom layer of chocolate has hardened.

Step 8: Let chocolate harden. You can put these in the fridge so the chocolate hardens faster...or just leave them out on the counter to dry. These actually look super cute on a layered cake plates! I have crystal ones that I got for our wedding and they look so special displayed on! :-)

As always- let me know if you have any questions!!
love, naz

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