23 September 2009

{DIY: Home Decor} Not so cute chairs...to OH SO FaBulOUS chairs!!

Okay- so my project today was to reupholster my kitchen chairs! :-) I've been eyeing this fabric for a couple months now and since it finally went on sale ~ $5 cheaper a yard- I just had to get it! :-) I actually got the fabric in the mail today and couldn't wait to get these covered ASAP! Check out the BEFORE pics below and you'll understand why! They've been such an eye-sore with the red and cream colored fabric in my black, white, and bright happy colored kitchen....

Before pics....
yeah...not cute at all!....
AND.....ta--dah!! Here are the AFTER pics.... WAYYYYYY cuter....huh? :-)

Sooooo.....if you have chairs like this that you want recovered- its seriously the simplest thing ever! REALLY!!
All you need is:
1). New Fabric - it only took about 2 1/2 yards to cover five of these chairs- I thought would need like 6! (Next time I'll remove old fabric and measure before I buy!)
2). Screwdriver
3). Staple Gun
4). Staples for Staple Gun
5). Tools to pry out staples or nails that old fabric is attached with - I used a flat head screwdriver and a hammer
Directions on How to Cover Chair Cushions:
Step 1: Unscrew screws in four corners of the bottom of each chair
Step 2: Remove cushion
Step 3: Take out staples or nails from bottom of cushion to remove old fabric
Step 4: Use old fabric as a "pattern" to measure the amount of fabric you need to cut for NEW fabric
Step 5: Wrap NEW fabric over cushion form (same way old fabric was attached) and by using a staple gun- staple new fabric over cushion- pulling tight as you staple. (Do one side- then opposite side, vice versa on other sides).
Step 6: Place cushion back on chair and re-screw screws in all four corners
Step 7: Wa-Lah!! You're finished! :-)

Told you it was easy!! :-)
(Just ask if you have any questions!!) :-)
love, naz

1 comment:

  1. Honestly I think both busy patterns on the chairs detract from the beautiful tooling in the wood. A solid velvet, or some other solid with texture might accentuate the woodworking better.



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