08 September 2009

{Announcement} Rosanna's Honorable Mention for "Fabulous Finds"

SO.....I didn't win 1st place for Rosanna's Table Setting Contest this year- but maybe next! I did however get an honorable mention for "fabulous finds". (They spelled my name wrong, though... ) Oh well! Check out the link! http://rosannainc.blogspot.com/ - scroll down aways to the "honorable mention" section. :-)


  1. oh my goodness naz you should have won!!! yours is by far the most adorable table setting!!! It should have won first for sure!!! you are so creative i absolutly lOVE how you can put things together! YOU ALWAYS make people fee so very SPECIAL which is absolutly PRICELESS!!!! I know causE i feel like that all the time with you!!! i.e. the hours upon hours painting and sewing the most adorable curtains and pillows ever!!!! AND FOR SO MUCH MORE YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME!!thank you for always making me feel so special naz! love you!! nome

  2. AHhhh....thanks, Nome!! I really appreciate it!

  3. Ok Wow!! how LEGIT!!! So Cool! you were featured on their Blog!!! They said the winner had honerable mention 2 times before they won, so just keep submitting - wait til they see your Thanksgiving spread - GAME OVER! im so proud of you Naz!!

  4. Ahhhh....thanks, Lon!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)



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