02 September 2009

{Recipe} Cupcake for me. Cupcake for you. ~ Recipe for Shower Cupcakes!

Pic of Cupcakes compliments of: © LaRae Lobdell / Lifework Images
Actually....I think I ate like twenty of these they were SO good! The fact that they're just too dang cute doesn't help denying them either! haha...
I thought that I'd share the easy breezy cupcake recipe ~ because seriously ~ they're the perfect little cupcakes to make for any occasion~ just change the icing color and add your own little decoration and wa-la!
~~~Raspberry Filled~French Vanilla~Buttercream Frosted~Mini~Cupcake Recipe~~~
*1 box French Vanilla Cake Mix - Super Moist (I used Betty Crocker) :-)
*Two Containers of Buttercream Icing (I got whipped- but next time I might try regular)
(See how much your box calls for these ingredients)
*1 can Raspberry Pie Filling (I used the kind pictured here)
*Icing Color of your choice (I used Violet for this one!)
These Wilton Icing Colors work SOOO good- and they go a LONG way! I used to only use food-coloring and it doesn't compare! You can buy these at Michaels, other craft stores, Sur La Table, and I think Walmart might even carry them?
If you only have food coloring though- you can use this too! :-)
Okay...let's get started!
1) Mix Ingredients and Bake cupcakes as directed on box. (Keep an eye on them though- they'll most likely take less time to cook since they're smaller!)
*I just used mini cupcake liners- I always spray them before putting in batter though- so the liners come off super easy. :-)
*You can check of the cupcakes are done by using a toothpick and inserting it into the middle of one and if it comes up with no batter on it- they're done!
*You can also press lightly on the top of one and if it "springs" back quickly - then they're done too!

2) After cupcakes have cooled, take an icing tip if you have one (or something similar) and just poke the top of the cupcake. The metal will make a clean crisp hole - and the inside of the cupcake should just come out easily or come out with the metal tip. Toss (or eat) the insides. :-)

3). Next is the filling! You'll need a cup and a zip lock baggy for this.

*Put the baggy inside the cup and then fold the sides over the edge of the cup.

*Pour as much filling in as you can until it fills up the baggy. *Remove from cup and zip lock the baggy- after removing as much air as possible.

*Cut one of the corners of the baggy - just enough to let the bigger pieces of raspberry come out easily.

*Squeeze the filling into each of the "holes" you've made in the cupcakes! Watch out though! The filling comes out fast!

Okay- wow- don't you want to eat this already? Look at that juicy red raspberry filling!

4). Now for the fun stuff....

*Mix the icing color with the buttercream frosting.

*Once you get desired color - put as much frosting into a zip-lock baggy as you can (using same technique that you used with the raspberry filling)

*Cut corner of baggy

*Zip Lock the baggy after getting as much air out and squeeze as much icing as you can into the frosting tube. :-) (This is the clean way of getting the icing into these things) haha!

*Ready to ice the cupcakes!

*Ice cupcakes! (I used a star * icing tip).

5) Finish by putting a fresh flower, sprinkles, M&Ms, or whatever your heart desires on top! :-)

*The flowers actually stayed great until the next morning! :-)

~ENJOY~ I hope you like them!

As always~let me know if you have any questions at all! :-) And...if you end up trying these- let me know how they turn out! :-)


  1. Oh I LOVE this! I was wondering how you made them so perfectly delicious. Now I can't wait to make them at home!

  2. Great Post! I will definitely be trying these for my next event!

  3. hi, you're naomi's sister, right? My name is Anna. I know Matt and Naomi from church. I'm looking at the things you bake, and they're so cute!! You should make some treats for my wedding...when a date is actually set haha! I will keep you in mind. These are so fun!!!

  4. Hi, Anna! Yes ~ I'm Naomi's sister. That is so sweet of you! When did you get engaged? Congratulations! :-)



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