29 August 2009

{Party} Tiff's Bridal Shower = OHHHhhhh SO F-U-N!

***Congrats to Tiff! Countdown: two weeks until the happiest day of her life!***

Okay…so this bridal shower was SO much fun! All the girls went all out and showed up in some pretty awesome (old-skool) bridal dresses!! I LOVED all the bright, pretty colors! Most importantly…I think Tiffany had a great time AND she just looked FABULOUS! :-)

I had so much fun planning and prepping for her shower. Her wedding color is “purple” …so I had to get creative to incorporate this color where I could!

Enjoy the pics! All of them (except earings) are compliments of © LaRae Lobdell / Lifework Images ~ http://www.facebook.com/l/;images.com ~ LaRae is the photographer and Tiffany's soon-to-be-cousin-in-law...she was so sweet to let me use these for my blog! Thank you, LaRae! You gotta check out her website ~ she has some really BEAUTIFUL, creatively insane photographs! http://www.lifeworkimages.com/

Here is a pic of Nome and I! Check out more pics of the girls all dressed up at Larae's website! They're all SOOOOOOO adorable! :-) http://www.lifeworkimages.com/partybooth/tiffanybridalshower.html

And....last but not least- check out these BEAUTIFUL earings my mom let me borrower! They were more than perfect to wear with my old-skool bridesmaid dress! They covered like 1/2 of my ear- literally...haha! :-)
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Thanks for reading...and I hope you MORE than enjoyed this posting!
love, naz


  1. I really like the chick's dress with the halter top and the black bra straps!! Totally W-T! I can't believe that mom still had those earrings! Naz~ you pulled off such a great party like always and you always make it look so easy!

  2. She did pull off such a kick butt bridal shower that blew everyone away! Naz, you are totally my inspiration and I will have to get lots of advise and tips for my marriage:)You are the best!



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