07 August 2009

{Book Love} I CAN DO IT!

I'm SO happy I found this book! I found it at Goodwill for $1.99 and its probably one of my best finds yet with all I'm learning from it! I like feeling like I'm independent and can do things on my own. I'm in no way a "feminist" but I don't like having to rely on my husband to do things- that I could totally do myself if I only learned how! Plus- if I want some things done now- I might as well do it myself anyway- right? ;-) So far...I've learned how to TILE! It was a lot harder than it looked- but I can be very proud to say that I've learned how to use a Drummel. Its this obnoxious sounding-hand-held thing that looks like an industrial sized machine you'd use for sanding down acrylic nails - but I used it to sand out old grout. :-) If only I could say that I wore my high-heels while doing using it- like the girl on the front of the book. :-) haha! I do have to admit that my husband did help me a little - he did the dirty work of grouting while I finished up on my organizing stuff! My friend Ali's bathroom is ALMOST done! I can't wait to take pics to show you all the work I've put into it! Its only the fun stuff left of taking off painting tape, cleaning up, hanging shower curtain and accessorizing!

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