25 August 2009

{Tablescape} I HOPE I WIN! (Rosanna's Table-Setting Contest)

Introducing: "Sunday Brunch on the Patio" ~ at least that's what I would call this picture if I could name it! :-) I love doing un-traditional things while setting a table...such as using a cake tier to display my croissants and using beautiful sparkling silver pieces for an informal sunday brunch. The thought of sitting on the porch while the sun is shining drinking mimosas out of silver glasses just makes me smile. I want my guests to feel special no matter who they are or what they are eating! Even if it is just hard-boiled eggs, fruit, croissants, and oj! (And yes- I did actually hard-boil the eggs) - I would have felt guilty I think if I didn't. Haha...

So...I've been a fan of Rosanna dish sets for awhile now! (http://www.rosannainc.com/) I LOVE cute dessert plates and cake stands and I've yet to find a set or anything really that I disliked of hers! Most of which is just too cute for words!

Anyway- Rosanna holds an annual table setting contest. My sister, Sascha, told me about it this year...and I was finally able to put together my table this last weekend! I seriously would day- dream about how I was going to set it all up! :-) So...this is what I did on my Sunday afternoon...and LoVEd it! It fed my soul to be able to create this "work of art"...that sounds weird, I know...but honestly...being able to outlet my creativity in this way is so much fun! BUT....I really hope I win.... :-) If I do- that means I'd get $500 credit to Rosanna's website store! :-) Ahhhh...I think I might just be too excited for words if that happened. :-)

So- the only thing I actually bought specific for this setting was the roses (and croissants). :-) Everything else I had on hand. The damask print plates are Rosanna and I actually have TWO sets of four of this dish set! :-) The cute green plates underneath are Crate and Barrel- but we actually got them for a present for our wedding 5 years ago! I wish I would have registered for like 10 of them though! I use them all the time and just love how they really can be dressed up or casual-ed-out. :-) The gorgeous placemats I actually got in Norway- while Ronny and I visited this last winter. I haven't had a chance to use them- until I got to put my new white table out! They work SO perfect with this setting. :-) I also love that you don't have to spend a lot to make something special! The silver wine caddy, silver goblets/wine glasses, the silver plate under the center piece, and the bottle the OJ is in - I got all at Goodwill for not more than a few dollars each! Who would have guessed?

My cute wine caddy is just the right size to hold my bottle of bubbly and OJ! :-)
Check out the wine stopper! Its custom made by none than MOI! :-) Its one of the items I'll be selling at my etsy shop! I should have this one and many others posted for sale this week! :-) Whoo-hoo! :-)

So, these are my beautiful cake tier set that I got for my birthday a couple years ago. This is Rosanna too! Talk about C-U-T-E!

I only had two of the silver wine glasses- so I just used two other silver goblets that I had on hand as well. I don't think I've ever heard of a table setting rule that says you have to match everything perfectly! :-)

Part of not breaking the bank- when trying to make something special is just using what you have on hand. I wanted a lower center piece for easy talking- so I just used the box I got my damask dessert plates in and put a shallow bowl in the middle of it and placed the roses carefully inside! Turned out pretty cute- huh?
Now is the hard part! WAITING to see if I WIN! :-)

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