25 August 2009

{Fabulous Find} Cute Pink Tool Set: What more could a girl ask for?

Okay- So I totally get that not everyone will appreciate something like this...but seriously- I think its the cutest thing ever! My husband came home one day and surprised me with this tool set. (I think it was mostly because I kept kyping (sp?) his own tools) in which he'd lecture me about the importance of putting them back where I found them...etc. :-) But since I'd "plan" on using them again- I'd keep them with my project stuff and Oops! he wouldn't be able to find them when he needed them. :-) Soooo...the perfect solution? My own tool set. How perfect is it that it is pink? I'm a HUGE lover of pink- everything pink. If I could find lawn-mower in pink I think I might just be in heaven! :-) I've used this set so many times- I can't even keep track! I think the next thing on my wish list is going to be a cool pink tool belt though...oh and Ronny IS trying to find me my own regular-sized power drill in pink...I have a feeling though the maker-of-tools hasn't had the bright idea that a girl can use a real power tool too and just might not be a fan of the only options out there that we've found so far which is YELLOW or BLUE. :( I'll just have to hold out, I think! :-)
**Check out my "things I'm loving right now" list for a link to where you can get this if you're like me and just couldn't live with out it! :-)

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