25 August 2009

{Room Makeover} Bathroom Make-Over: From Ho-Hum to OH-YUM!

So...I'm proud to say that I have my first "client" for my "homestyling" part of my to-be business! :-) It is my good friend, Ali, that has entrusted me to make her house a place that she loves to be! (Thanks, Ali!) Since it is my first real project- in which I am doing it for someone else...I'm so thankful that Ali is so patient and understanding when it comes to the learning curve that I'm going through with just learning how long things actually take. The re-tiling took a LOT longer than I estimated - AND it took longer to finish - just in the fact that I can't stay at her house until all hours of the night just to move the process along more quickly - like I can at my own house! :-) I'm so happy her bathroom is all done now! I was very pleased with how it turned out! :-) I should have taken more before pics...but I'm sure you get the pic with these ones that I've posted. Enjoy!!

******BEFORE PICS********

...The thing behind the toilet was just leaning on the wall - with a styrofoam piece holding it up underneath. The walls are hard to see in this picture- but they were like a see-through light white-yellowish color. Ali had bright sky blue shower curtain and floor mats. Nothing too special really- but totally clashed with the tiles on the shower stall! Note- the marroon colored tiles reflected in the mirror. I also included up close and personal ones....just so you can get the whole affect. They were- U-G-L-Y. :-) (I think Ali would agree). :-)

********AFTER PICS********

So...ta-da! I painted the bathroom a light "robins egg green" color. Not sure if this is even a real color- but its the only way I can think of describing it. It complimented the coloring of the old tiles on bath (the whitish ones) and floor tiles really nicely. I painted everything that was white before- with a fresh coat of paint- what a difference it makes! The picture hanging on the far wall is a vintage piece from the 1970's that her mom gave her. (Yes-I'd consider this vintage) haha. I found it in Ali's bedroom...but since we are giving her bedroom a make-over next-I figured she wouldn't mind putting it in her bathroom since it fits so perfectly in it! My favorite thing to do - was by far- organizing and putting all the "special" touches together in the end. And YES- I am going to toot my own horn and say that I'm proud of re-placing the old tiles all by myself with new ones. (Compliments of the instructions I found in my handy book I previously blogged about!). Well- okay- so I ALMOST did it all myself. :-) I will give credit to my husband, Ronny, who came over and grouted the tiles I placed down while I was finishing with the organizing stuff. At least I know I could do it if I wanted to - right? :-) I did do all the hard work of popping out the old red tiles, sanding down the old grout and chiselling it all out. :-)

The new tiles I replaced the marroon ones with are glass tiles- I just LOVE glass tiles! They really don't compare! All together- I spent about $60-$70 for the new tiles and grout and a lot of love and labor! The difference is priceless though!

So I got a new storage unit for behind the toilet because the other one was just plain too flimsy to try and hang on the wall. It actually was about 5 inches too short though to fit over the toilet- so Ronny was so sweet and helped me put feet on the bottom of it to lift it up enough for it to fit just right over the toilet. :-)

Ali has all these BEAUTIFUL asian trinkets and boxes I wanted to incorporate by using them for some of the final touches- again- they just fit so right! :-) The bamboo tray I found at Walmart for $8 and it fits all of her perfume bottles just right.

So...here is the SAME white storage thing that Ali had in her bathroom before....only I added feet to the bottom of it to add height and found these fabric drawers to hold all of her hair products and tools in!
So...one of the most important things that Ali expressed to me during our consultation was that she needed more storage. Or at least to be able to use the storage she already had - more practically. I got these cool wire shelf things at Home Depot to create extra storage space in her already there cupboard. There was so much wasted space in these cupboards - so it felt good to find something that fit in just right. I also took off the old OLD parchment paper and put down new wipable drawer liners- its my favorite- its clean, white, and easy to install. :-)

I definitely had a sense of satisfaction after I was done organizing these cupboards! :-)AAhhhh.... :-)

So...last but not least...a picture of the new rugs and a corner of the new shower curtain (got it at Cost Plus World Market for only $19.99!) Ali totally disliked her floor tiles- but as you can see- with the right accessories- the floor tiles totally match now! :-)

I hope you like it! :-) Anyway...We're on to make-overing her bedroom now! :-)

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