20 July 2009

{Party} Old Hollywood Glamour Baby Shower...

So...this weekend my mom and sisters threw my other sister, Kennedi's, baby shower!! It was a lot of work- but worth it! I had so much fun planning it and thinking up fun decorations ~ and it turned out beautiful and exactly what I had in mind. I sort of took over the planning of it ~ as I really do love doing stuff like this! I figured I'd share with you what I did and what the outcome was...The pictures are compliments of the fabulous photographer ~ my Aunt Sheri! She has an amazing camera and the details that her camera catches- compares to mine is undoubtedly....amazing!

So...what my initial idea was was to throw an "Old Hollywood Glamour Baby Shower" since that is how my sister is decorating her baby girl's room. I had SUCH a hard time finding ideas for this- because NO ONE has anything posted on the web that has done this before! :-) Any parties that popped up - were cheesy modern ideas that looked like the inside of Planet Hollywood Restaurant- NOT what I was going for! So- I just started doing research online- and what I found was that "Old Hollywood Glamour" decor uses a lot of mirrored furniture, feathered things, classic looking beading for details...etc.

So- I always think of what I have to use first- before going out and buying stuff...so I started with what I had....which is some different silver pieces that I've been slowly collecting -I've found some pretty trays for really cheap at Goodwill! (I'm thinking they are reflective kind of like mirrors are). The three tiered silver piece I had - because I use it to hang all my earings and jewelry on it...and the other small mercury candle holders I've just gotten here and there. The big icebucket that the roses are in on the round table- I picked up at Goodwill for only $4!!! (Amazing what a little silver polish can do!) It is a Pottery Barn ice-bucket too- what a steal! :-) All the other trays, vases, and other silver stuff were my mom's. I had her bring the table cloths as well - that she just happened to have on hand. :-) I used some of my long pearl necklaces (I have three) to lay around the candles and vases of roses to add a little more interest to the tables. I love it when I can use what I have! I did pick up multi-colored confetti - but I ended up not using it because it would have taken away from the simplistic, but polished look of everything else.

I did have to pick up the white feathers and white boa- which I just picked up at the craft store...but the mirror that I placed on top of the boa I picked up at Goodwill as well for only a couple dollars! I love it- because it is old school and double layered. It had a few scratches on it- which only makes it that much more vintage PLUS I'll have it to use for my next glamour party. :-)

For the favors- I ordered cute stickers online at www.etsy.com - (seller: stickerdoodles) - the seller was so great to work with and I love how the stickers turned out! I sent her a copy of what the invitation looked like so she could match it. so she sent me a couple choices to pick from after she designed special ones just for me! I did have another idea of what I wanted to do for favors- but they didn't work out- so the day of- I was rushing through Safeway and the cute pink and white animal crackers popped out to me! :-) They are kind of expensive - but they looked so cute in the baggies I tied with a pink sheer ribbon and put in a mercury glass bowl with white feathers. :-)
I ordered my invites on etsy too!- (seller: Robin Reed Design) I thought you'd like to see them too! :-) The invites weren't as thick as I wanted- so I picked up some blu-ish green sparkly card stock and just used double-sided tape to attach it to the back of the invites and then cut around them.

My sister, Naomi, had a great idea to hang up cute clothes that Kennedi
had already picked up or was given - with clothes pins and ribbon. They looked really cute all strung up! :-) I cropped one of the pictures so you can see how cute the yellow Juicy Couture dress is! HELLO- Adorable! CAN'T wait to have a little girl to get all dressed up! :-) haha!

For the menu....Kennedi wanted to have mostly sweets- but of course with a lot of girls- we had to have some healthy choices as well (to make up for the sweets) haha! :-) So- on the menu were raspberry filled vanilla baby cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting, baby sized strawberry shortbread and real whipped cream, chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit, veggie, and cracker/cheese trays, spritzer, and punch. I didn't get any pictures of the spritzer or punch- but both were a HUGE hit! I got lots of compliments on the spritzer- which all I used was same amount Barefoot Mascato White Wine ($5 a bottle- super cheap!), Diet Sprite, and topped it off with frozen raspberries. Its the perfect summer drink! :-)

Enjoy the pics- if you have any questions about anything- just let me know! I'm happy to share recipes or ideas or whatever!
Okay...ready set...time to re-paint a beautiful dresser I found on Craigslist for the baby room for my sis. :-) Its so beautiful- but just needs a little paint to freshen it up. Can't wait to post pics of the finished product! :-)
Oh and I finished Ronny's old office/new guest bedroom! :-) It turned out great- just need to finish a few things and then I can post finished pics of that too! :-)
Thanks for reading!
Love, me

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