10 July 2009

{Book Love} Decoration Inspiration!

SO...as of now..I have a couple "project" rooms around the house I'm working on. First off is Ronny's old office. I say old because I'm taking it over since he doesn't use it...changing it into our guest bedroom, and then switching the old guest bedroom into my office/creative space. I'm in the middle of painting the new guest bedroom - so if you came over right this minute- you'd have to step over everything I took out of Ronny's old office- which is all of Ronny's clothes, books, rolls of I'm-not-sure-of-what's of which have taken place down our entire hallway, and is currently spilling out into our living and dining room. But not to worry! I'm half-way done. This re-vamping of our two upstairs bedrooms came into place after I stumbled upon this book at Anthropologie. I LOVE IT! MY INSPIRATION: DOMINO The Book of Decorating. First of all- it is totally cute. Honestly- I'd hate to admit that I actually would have bought it just because of the outside cover...but after browsing through it in the store- I decided it was definitely an investment. :) Therefore...no guilt would play into this $30.00 spent. It has a good balance of pictures AND articles. It is a great "beginner" book on the styles of furniture, what goes with what, decorating ideas, and lists in the back of the book for other great resources. The fact that it got a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon (out of 59 ratings) is a pretty good sign that I indeed did make the right choice in purchasing the book. It helps that it makes me happy every time I look at the cover too because its so darn cute. :-)

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