28 July 2009

{DIY: Home Decor} Cutest Changing Table EVER!

So...super excited about this project! I found this old dresser on Craigslist for only $40 after I had been keeping an eye out for one for Kennedi's baby room. I knew that she was looking for a more "antiqued" looking dresser to use as a baby changing table- and didn't want anything too modern or cheesy. This dresser totally reminds me of my Grandma's dressers that she used to have in her guest bedroom. I absolutely LOVE the drawer handles -they are SO pretty and elegant. The dresser started out in GREAT shape before I decided to re-paint it...so the outcome ended up even MORE amazing! Check out the before and after pics below! :-) We took the dresser over to Kennedi's house tonight and I knew she liked it as soon as she started putting the baby diapers in it and setting out the other diaper changing stuff on top! :-) That makes me very happy...to be able to put time into making something as special as a changing table for the one person that could buy anything she wanted....! Dresser: $40. Paint: $25.00. Time put into picking it up and painting it: 3.5 hours. Putting a smile on Ken's face: Priceless. :-)



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